How to Get the Highest Price for Your Used Car in Thailand

Published by on . Updated on 29 Jan 2022

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Thinking of selling your used car? Not sure how to get the best price possible from second-hand dealers? Here's how you can get the best value out of your used car in Thailand.

Selling your car is tedious work. The hours and energy spent on negotiating the best deals and navigating the necessary paperwork can lead to distress and frustration.

There is, however, a much quicker, hassle-free way to sell your vehicle that saves you from days and weeks of exasperation.

Motorist Thailand offers guaranteed results and will fetch you the highest prices possible for your used car, all while saving you the trouble of going through the entire selling process yourself. Here's how we do it!

Competitive In-House Bidding System Gets You The Best Price for Your Car

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Our expansive network of used car dealers will allow us to find the highest price for your vehicle. Once you submit your vehicle details , we will put your vehicle through our in-house bidding system.

Vehicle bidding takes place daily, which means you can get potential offers and even a sale within one working day. Instead of making several trips to used car dealers, we bring them to you from the comforts of your own house!

We've also kept these bids confidential so dealers won't know how much competitors have bid to ensure fair competition. Instead, they will only be allowed to see the number of bidders your vehicle has received.

The bidding process concludes in 24 hours, and we will get back to you with the highest offer for your vehicle. That's right! No more tiresome negotiations or annoying low-ballers.

Find out how much your car is worth today!

The Offer can be Held For Up to a Week

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Have second thoughts about selling your car? No worries, we'll hold your offer for up to a week. There's no obligation to sell just because your vehicle is up for bidding. You are completely free to back out any time!

In the more likely event that you are pleased with our offer, simply inform us and we'll arrange a car viewing appointment with the dealer who made the highest bid for your car.

We Help you Arrange for Car Viewings and Inspections

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The viewing is important as the dealer has to confirm that your car is indeed in the state and condition you've stated when we put it up for bidding. Once everything checks out, the dealer will then sign off on the selling price, so please be as accurate as possible with the details and information about your vehicle!

After the viewing and inspection are completed, we will settle the remaining administrative matters and paperwork such as outstanding bank loans and vehicle ownership transfer. 

Once those are completed, we will arrange a date to hand over your vehicle to the dealer.

Seamless Vehicle Handover and Safe Transactions

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On the scheduled handover date, your only responsibility is to drive your car down to the dealership and hand over the keys. 

By then we will have already agreed to the terms of payment and we'll do our best to accommodate your preferred method of payment so do let us know in advance! 

The transaction is deemed to be completed once you get your money!

We Have Revolutionized the Way Car Owners are Selling their Vehicles

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Gone are the humdrum days of the traditional car selling processes. We've established a system led by efficiency and adaptability that gets our customers the most value for their vehicle transactions. 

Selling of vehicles aside, we also provide a zero-obligation car evaluation service for you to get a better idea of what you can expect before entering the seller's market.

We have successfully ฿18,075,000,000 worth of vehicle transactions, with thousands of satisfied users to match. If you still are unconvinced, do drop us a line or email, and we'll do our utmost best to assist you in your transaction.

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