Can I Still Sell a Car if the Name in the Car Registration Book isn't a Match?

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If you're looking to sell a car but the owner's name and the name listed in the car registration book isn't a match, can it still be sold? Let's find out!

There are many reasons why one would be in this situation such as an unfinished car transfer process or maybe another of a family member is using the car, but the name of the car owner has not been changed in the registration book. When the decision was made to sell the car, you might encounter an issue with car dealers not wanting to purchase your vehicle.

The reason why this might happen is because the dealer might be unwilling to take the risk. There might be suspicion that it may be a stolen car or it could be sold without the real owner's consent. If that's the case, the car dealer might have lialibilities to face!

You should really try and get your car registration book updated to reduce the problem of rejection in the purchase and for fairness and transparency in the car selling process.

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Required Documents
  • Car Registration Book
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Purchase Contract, Receipt, and Tax Invoice
  • Car Transfer/Receive Request Form
  • Power or Attorney (in case you can't go to do it by yourself)
Process of changing the name in car registration book
  • Can be done at the Bangkok Transport Office, Provincial Transport Office, or Provincial Transport Office branch that the transferor has an address in the car registration book or the request to notify the use of the vehicle
  • Get a car inspection at the inspection centre
  • Submit the documents and pay the fee at the car registration office
  • Get the car registration manual back
  • Receive a receipt, vehicle registration manual, tax mark, and car license plate

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