How To Make M-Flow Toll Payments

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How to Pay M-Flow Tolls

Tailbacks around the toll booths are inevitable. Manual clearance means congestion, especially during peak hours, which can be frustrating for both motorists and the workers manning the booths.

Which is why the authorities have developed M-Flow. It is an automatic toll collection system that allows drivers to pay for expressway tolls electronically, allowing up to 2,500 cars to drive through every hour, or about five times that of the traditional toll, which should ease traffic jams during busy periods.

But how does it work? And how do I pay for my tolls?

How The System Works

The system works by using an array of video cameras, as well as the power of artificial intelligence. You can sign up to be an M-Flow member, though you can still use the system even if you are not.

Payment As An M-Flow Member:

You can either pay for your M-Flow charges monthly or each time you choose to use the service. Charge the toll fees directly to your credit or debit card, or link your bank account to allow the system to directly deduct the fees from your bank account.

If you are paying per use, you can use an M-Pass or Easy Pass card.

You’ll receive a notification one day before the payment is due via the M-Flow application, SMS or email. Access the invoice by logging into the M-Flow app or website, and then make the necessary payments through the provided QR code.

What If I Have Automatic Payment Set-Up, But Want To Pay Ahead Of Time?

You can do so by selecting “Quick Payment” from the “Member Service” drop-down menu. 

What If I Have Insufficient Balance In Card/Account?

The application will send a notification for a top-up to be made before 12pm on payment due date. If the top up is not done in time, the invoice must be downloaded through the app or website, and payment can be made through the app, bank or ATM.

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Toll payment method for non-M-Flow members

If you are not registered as a member, you can still drive through the M-Flow gantry and pay for the tolls later. Tolls can be paid with the following methods:

  • Go to M-Flow website or M-Flow application
  • Select “Non-Requestered Use of M-Flow”
  • Inform the vehicle registration number to request an E-Bill to pay for the service
  • Pay for the E-Bill via bank applications, ATMs, or bank counter service
  • If users are unable to access the website or the app, they can use the vehicle registration number to pay for the toll at a bank counter without the E-Bill. Payment must be made within 2 days of the M-Flow toll transaction.

  • If payment is not made within 2 days of a toll transaction, M-Flow will send a letter on the 3rd day to the registered address of the motorist to request for payment. The outstanding payment has to be made within 10 days, and at double the original cost of the toll
  • If more than 10 days after the notification has not paid, the system will send the notification again. The toll fee + damages 2 times the toll fee + 10 times fine within 10 days will be required
  • If more than 10 days after the 2nd notification and still not paid, M-Flow will take legal action 

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How is M-Flow different from M-Pass / Easy Pass?


  • No barriers to pass through
  • Use the camera system to detect license plates automatically
  • Applicable to all types of vehicles on motorways
  • Various payment methods

M-Pass / Easy Pass

  • There is a barrier blocking the passageway, must slow down or park to wait for the barrier to open
  • Use the tag attached to the car to receive signals. If the system has a problem, the barrier will not open
  • Only supports 4-wheel vehicles
  • Pay the toll in a single format is to top up the card in advance

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