Travel Far Without Worries! Share the Rest Area Coordinates on the Highway in 2024

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Driving long distances requires occasional breaks. Long journeys can lead to fatigue, hunger, or the need for restroom breaks. It's always a good idea to have rest stops along the way.

Nowadays, there are rest areas available for you to take a break during your trip. Let's take a look at some of these spots. The next leg of your journey will be more enjoyable and relaxed!

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Pattaya - Chonburi Motorway

Anyone heading to the eastern region will need to pass through this expressway – the Pattaya-Chonburi Motorway. You'll encounter a major rest area called the 'Bang Pakong Rest Area' along this route. This rest area is convenient as it offers various facilities including restrooms, gas stations, restaurants and beverage outlets, souvenir shops, and more.

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Bang Pa-in Motorway (Porto Go)

This expressway serves as a route connecting to both the northern and northeastern regions. The rest area features a variety of local eateries, both sit-down and drive-thru restaurants, souvenir shops, convenience stores, and even state-of-the-art restroom facilities equipped with Zero Touch technology. Family restrooms are also available.

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Ayutthaya Motorway (Premium Outlet)

This point serves as a major route connecting throughout Asia and provides connections to various other countries as well. This makes this rest area more special than others due to the high volume of traffic, resulting in numerous shops, particularly well-known brands. With over 300 brands available in outlet format, you can be assured of finding a multitude of special promotions.

Prachachuen Motorway (The Rest Area)

The Prachachuen Motorway Rest Area is located at the Srinakarin Expressway Exit between Chaengwattana and Pak Kret sections. This rest area features clearly designated zones for refuelling and relaxation, and it also provides air-conditioned restroom facilities.

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Rama 2 Motorway (Porto Chino)

The Rama 2 Motorway (Porto Chino) is part of the route that connects to the southern region of Thailand, and it is considered a relatively long journey. As a result, the rest area here provides services in the form of a Community Mall named 'Porto Chino,' catering to both travellers and commuters. It offers parking spaces for up to 400 vehicles and features a 24-hour Foodland for added convenience.

Kanchanaburi Motorway

The Kanchanaburi Motorway rest area is currently under construction and has progressed to over 67%. It is expected to be completed and operational in the year 2023. For those who are planning to travel from the Bang Yai area, get ready to use this rest area once it’s open.

Furthermore, there are other rest areas that are currently under construction in the year 2023. These include the Korat Motorway rest area (Bang Pa-In - Nakhon Ratchasima), the Kanchanaburi Motorway rest area, and the Bang Khun Thian Motorway - Ban Phaeo rest area.

In the future, there are plans for the approval of additional rest area construction projects on the motorways, such as the elevated section extension of the Uttharaphimuk expressway from Rangsit to Bang Pa-in, the elevated section of the Si Rat Expressway to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the outer ring road around Bangkok from Bang Khun Thian to Bang Bua Thong, and the Nakhon Pathom - Pak Tho - Cha-am route.

If anyone needs to travel long distances using the motorway routes, you can make stops at these various rest areas to relax and unwind, or enjoy delicious food for a satisfying break. These stops aim to ensure that your journey goes smoothly.

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