Is it Possible to Sell Cars Online?

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Over the years, selling online has become the norm. Businesses that don't adapt are at risk of losing out and disappearing.

In the present, anyone is able to sell anything on an online platform. Just connect to the internet and make your online shop interesting to attract customer attention.

What about cars? Is it possible?

The answer is YES! Selling cars online can save your time to compare the price from many dealers. If you would like to know how to sell your car online, follow these steps below…

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Understand your car details first

Certainly, the used car would deteriorate little by little. It’s impossible for it to be 100% in the same condition as the first day you bought it. You have to keep checking up or inspecting your car condition when the right time comes because when you offer your car for sale, you have to tell the dealers or buyers the truth about your vehicle's conditon to help them make the decision easier.

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Prepare your bluebook

Bluebook is a car report summary that includes car owner’s, fixing, and car accident history details. Thus, you have to keep it well because it’s good evidence and documents for selling a used car online.

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After Motorist receives all your car information, we’ll submit your car into our online bidding system. We had more than 1,000 certified automotive partners ready to offer you the best price for your car within 24 hours.

If you are unsatisfied with the deal, you can reject it because you are not obligated to accept any offer if it does not meet your expectations. Thereafter, you withdraw your car from the bidding system, or you can keep it in the system to get the new offer.

Conversely, if you are satisfied with the deal, we’ll schedule an appointment for car viewing between you and the dealer with the winning bid before any final decisions are made. In this process, you and the dealer are able to rediscuss the price if the car condition is as advertised on the website or the dealer offers you a lower price as expected.

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