What do we have to prepare when selling our used car?

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When we're selling our used car, we would want it to fetch the highest prices. So, how do we do that?

Selling a used car is not a simple process. There are documents to prepare and we have to ensure the car's in good condition to fetch top dollar for your ride. So what should we prepare?

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1. Prepare your original piece of Vehicle Registration Book (or Blue Book)

Every car owner should have their own vehicle registration book as evidence that they are the real one. Furthermore, this book can verify your car details are as advertised, strengthening your customers' trust.

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2. Take all-around car angle pictures

Before selling your used car, one of the important things you need to have are detailed car pictures. There are 6 simple angles you should take.

  • Directly front car
  • 75% of left car side
  • 75% of right car side
  • Rear bumper
  • Legroom
  • Above view of legroom and dashboard from the back seat
  • Legroom of the front seat

3. Sell your used car with Motorist

Just prepare your vehicle registration book and your car images and you are ready to sell your car with us, at no service charge! All you have to do is register to be our member by yourself on www.motorist.co.th/sell-car or give us your contact information via LINE: @motoristth. Thereafter, our experienced staff will contact you to ask for more information about your car as soon as possible.

Once your car information is verified in our system, we'll get you the highest selling price possible within 24 hours!

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4. Book an appointment for car viewing

When you are satisfied with the offer from our dealer, Motorist will assist in making an appointment between you and the dealer for a car viewing.

In this process, the car owner or seller should clean up the car and look out for any defects (if any) and get them rectified to avoid getting a lower selling price.

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5. Establish a purchase agreement

If a buyer is satisfied with the car's condition and the seller is satisfied with the offer price, we'll establish a purchase agreement! Nowadays, you don’t have to draft it all by yourself because there are several agreement forms published on the internet. So, you can save it or print it out for signing BUT read carefully about the details before using it.

6. Transfer of car ownership

For a seller, you have to request car transfer documents at the Department of Land Transport as evidence to change a driver’s name to the new one.

7. Prepare a power of attorney document

In case a car owner can’t go to the Department of Land Transport on the stipulated date and time appointed to transfer a car by themselves, a seller must fill up a power of attorney document to confirm that a seller acknowledges this process and avoid subrogating car ownership. In addition, a buyer is able to request a power of attorney document as well.

Selling your used car is easy when you sell it with Motorist, the most trustworthy selling used car platform from Singapore. Highest price guarantee within 24 hours!

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