Can we sell a car that won’t start?

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If you have a car that was parked for a long time or one you don’t drive much you might want to just sell it. Unfortunately, you find out that it won’t start! Can we still sell this car?

Many families with multiple cars might have a car that has been left for a long time. At some point of time, you might decide to sell it in order to have more space in your house, plus some extra cash.

But after inspecting the car by yourself, the car won’t start anymore… Can we still sell it?

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Normally, most used car dealers might evaluate a car that won’t start to be a car wreck because it's deemed unusable. But you have to research more about wrecked car selling processes before making a decision because there are some procedures or details you must be aware of.

Can we sell it as a used car? Of course, we can sell it as a used car. Generally, the car owner has to fix the car first to get it in serviceable condition. This includes repairing all the car blemishes or other defects to get it as close to pristine condition as possible because car valuation price also depends on the car's condition.

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But if you estimate its repair costs by yourself and feel like it’s not worth fixing because there are a lot of issues, we wouldn't recommend fixing for sale or just selecting to fix some really big problems only. as used car dealers would bring a car to maintenance before reselling.

So, just remember that a newer and cleaner car will almost always fetch you the highest prices.

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