What modifications should you avoid for the best resale price?

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Don’t get these modifications to avoid getting underpriced when selling your used car.

Some car owners or car lovers might be passionate about car customization. However, they might not consider how it would affect their car valuation price when they want to sell it in the future.

Believe it or not? Car customization affects car valuation price because it’s considered to be a modified car and therefore it's difficult to determine whether those modifications were caused by positive or negative reasons. So, when you want to sell your customized car, some used car dealers might give you a lower selling price or reject to buy because it’s harder for the dealer to sell it out than a car that is kept stock.

Planning to customize a car? Read this article first before making a decision. So that you won’t regret it later. Now, let’s see which parts of the car should not be modified if you want to sell a car for a good price!

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1. Car Color

Car color is the first impression of all cars. Normally, basic car colors such as black and white might be sold easily and received a good price because it’s easy to use and take care of. On the other hand, odd car colors might be harder to sell from a used car dealers’ perspective. So, the selling price might be lower due to this reason.

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2. Headlight Color

We prefer to recommend you to use your original headlights. This is simply because it’s legal. If you change it to those that are colorful, stronger or have blinking functions, you might damage other drivers’ visibility on the road and you will need to revert them back to stock headlights first before selling the car to avoid lower prices.

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3. Car Horn

A car horn seems like an unnecessary thing to modify, but people still do. Be warned that it’s illegal as stated by law in 1979 where it says “A car should have only one horn sound, the loudness should not lower than 90-115 dB(A) (From in front of a car in 2 meters), the hearing distance should not be less than 60 meters, and should install the horn only 1 piece.” If the sound is modified or installed in other forms, you are liable to fines.

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4. Car Mileage

Anyone who has a car that has been used heavily or has been used for a long time can attest that the mileage reading reflects its use. Don’t think about rolling back the mileage to fake that it’s a newer car because a buyer can recheck and has a right to cancel the purchase agreement according to the law in section 391.

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5. Car Engine

No matter the reasons for tweaking your car engine, it’s generally not illegal. However, you need to inform the Department of Land Transport immediately to update your car details. On the other hand, if we talk about selling used car situations, a buyer might suspect that the car has problems as the engine has been changed and consequentially, drop their offer price.

Before selling a used car, please try to make sure that your car seems new and clean enough to avoid getting a lower selling price. Want to sell your car at the highest price? Sell your used car with Motorist! We provide more than 100 certified automotive partners waiting to offer you top price for your vehicle.

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