Can we sell a used car with a canceled car registration?

Published by on . Updated on 28 Mar 2022

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If we own a used car but its registration has been canceled, can we still sell it? Today, Motorist has the answers for you…

Sure, as long as the income tax has been processed at least once a year. Don’t forget about your car tax and the relevant legislation as it has to get processed every year. If a car owner is in arrears for more than 3 years, problems will occur!

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Being in arrears due to car tax for more than 3 years will result in our cars being suspended and the car plate canceled.

Moreover, even if our car's registration has been canceled for more than 3 years, it can still be traded. But the new car owner or buyer has to proceed with the car tax and car registration processes by themselves which will be a great inconvenience for potential buyers. If you are able to clear it before selling, it will be easier to sell your used car.

In addition, if you need to do other transactions such as financing while the car registration is invalid for more than 3 years, you must register it for proof.

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We recommended you settle your car tax and registration before the date indicated on the license plate. Any delays will leave you vulnerable to fines. If it is left invalid longer than 3 years, the car registration book and license plate must be returned to the registered transport office.

If you want to continue using the car, you must complete the outstanding payment and submit the new registration. See how difficult and time-consuming it is? Pay on time in advance. If it's not convenient to pay by yourself at various locations, you can easily pay car tax online!

Last but not least, if you want to sell your used car easily, conveniently, and spend less time negotiating with several dealers at the same time. Let’s sell your used car with Motorist. Best price guaranteed!

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