How to request a new car plate registration when it expires

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In a situation where your car is in arrears for more than 3 years until its registration has been suspended. If we want to use it again, what should we do? Simply… Just go and register a new car and you can continue using it.

For those who let the car registration expire because the tax payment has been overdue for a long time and would like to request a new vehicle registration notification, please prepare evidence supporting the request as follows:

  1. Vehicle registration document (except unregistered vehicles)
  2. A copy of ID card or a certificate of registration as a juristic person
  3. Evidence of the acquisition of the car, such as purchase contract, hire purchase contract receipt, and tax invoices of every period that is traded except for the first sale (from the manufacturer) not required
  4. Sales notification letter from the manufacturer [In case of an imported car please attach the proof of import certificate (Form 32) from the Customs Department, import duty receipt, an invoice is required]
  5. Evidence of having insurance under the Car Accident Protection Act B.E. 2535
  6. A power of attorney (In the event that you do not come to do this by yourself)
  7. A copy of the ID card of the assignee

When the documents are ready what should we do next?

  1. Submit an application for registration with evidence supporting the request
  2. Take the car to the car inspection site for an inspection
  3. Check the car assigned in Kor Sor Bor 11 account
  4. Pay the fees and car tax
  5. Get a license plate, tax mark, and vehicle registration certificate

That's it!!! You can go back to using the car and car registration as usual. But if you want to sell a used car. Prepare only the car registration book and a photo of the car and you can sell and get a car appraisal within 24 hours at Motorist

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