Is it Necessary to Get Car Insurance for Your First Car?

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Do we really need to get car insurance when buying our first car? If so, what type of car insurance should we get?

Most new drivers who have recently bought their first car might not have strong driving skills or are unfamiliar with the world of driving, which can sometimes be the cause of accidents. It doesn't matter whether you or someone else is at fault for the accident or if it was caused my other things such as falling branches, ultimately without insurance, you will be facing the bane of steep reparation costs.

If you ask whether car insurance is necessary for buying the first car or not, we have to say that there is no answer to be 100% sure. It depends on the needs of the car owner. But having car insurance will help lighten the burden for us a lot if something happens unexpectedly. Most of the insurance companies will compensate according to the insurance premium or the conditions of the policy that we choose. We decide what kind of protection we need because there are many types of car insurance to choose from.

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First-time or first-hand car buyers usually choose first-class insurance because the coverage is more comprehensive than other types, suitable for those who are not proficient in driving. But it may be a relatively high cost.

Before making a decision, you should understand each type of car insurance first as they each have their respective costs and varying coverage.

1. First class car insurance

First-class car insurance offers the most protection and comprehensive, but the insurance premiums are quite high because it covers any damage that is inflicted on us or the other parties, whether it’s damage to the car, property, or body. You will also be compensated in the event of fire and theft. However, it all depends on the details and conditions of each insurance policy and each insurance company. So, if you can afford it, we would recommend first-class car insurance, especially for novice drivers.

2. Second class car insurance

Class 2 car insurance is actually similar to the coverage of Class 1, but the difference is that it doesn’t compensate for the damage incurred to your car. So, you have to pay your damages by yourselves. If you have some proficiency in driving and use the car very infrequently, second-class car insurance is a great choice for you because insurance premiums are cheaper than the first one.

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3. Type 2+ car insurance

It’s responsible for everything like the second class car insurance but adds coverage to your car damage as well in case of a collision with a land vehicle only

4. Third class car insurance

Class 3 car insurance will cover and be liable only for the parties in the event that you’re at fault, but all the damage done to you have to be responsible for yourselves. It’s suitable for cars that have been used for many years or infrequently used.

5. Type 3+ car insurance

It’s responsible for everything similar to the third-class car insurance plan, but it covers your car in the event of a collision with a land vehicle only.

We recommend that you study the details and conditions of each policy and each insurance company well before making a decision because there may be some differences at some points. Please consider your driving habits and usage of the car to determine the likelihood of it ending up in an accident and look for a plan that suits your budget. First-class insurance might come with high costs but it offers peace of mind, something you won't get if you choose other types.

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