What do different car plate colors mean?

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Car plates come in different colors. But what does each color represent? Incorrect usage of car plate colors can result in a find so let's find out more about them!

While you driving on the road, you’ll notice that not all license plates are the same. Some cars may have different colors or patterns. These differences are not only aesthetic-based, but they also do indicate the type of vehicle it's for.

1. Reflective white plate with black letter: Used for passenger cars up to 7 people and motorcycles

2. Reflective white plate with blue letter: Used for cars that seat more than 7 people

3. Reflective white plate with green letter: Used for personal trucks such as pickup car

4. Reflective yellow plate with black letter: Used for motorcycles or taxis carrying no more than 7 passengers

5. Reflective yellow plate with red letter: Used for inter-provincial taxis

6. Reflective yellow plate with blue letter: Used for 4 wheels taxis

7. Reflective yellow plate with green letter: Used for 3 wheels taxis

8. Reflective green plate with white/black letter: Used for sightseeing service vehicles, car rental services such as limousines at the airport

9. Reflective orange plate with black letter: Used for agricultural vehicles such as tractors, road rollers, trailers

10. Reflective red plate with black letter: Used for vehicles that have not yet been registered (temporary use only)

11. Non-reflective white plate with black letter: Used for cars of diplomatic representatives. Registration numbers usually begin with the letter T, followed by the country code, dashes, and then the vehicle registration number.

12. Non-reflective blue plate with white letter: Used for specific vehicles, special units

  • Starting with the letter ก, used for a consular delegation vehicle
  • Starting with the letter พ, used for a special agency vehicle in the embassy
  • Starting with the letter อ, used for international car organizations

13. Graphic background plate: Used for vehicles with license plate auctions where special set of numbers are auctioned

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