How Do You Charge an EV Car?

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Before you buy an EV car, you should take note on how to charge it first!

EVs or electric vehicles like the name suggests generally run on electricity. It replaces traditional petrol engines with a battery. This battery will of course run out of power sometimes and when it does, we have to get it charged up.

Electric cars are gaining in popularity. This is probably influenced by the high petrol price situation and EVs' unique designs. This has made many people more interested in trying to use electric cars. Another advantage of electric cars is that they can help reduce air pollution because, during use, there is no burning processes of any kind (Zero Emission).

But the disadvantage that is evident now is there is not yet a comprehensive network of car charging stations. This makes it less convenient to charge the battery. But believe that in the future there should be more service points to support the government's policy that wants to encourage more people to use electric cars within 5 years.

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We believe that now many of you are probably in the process of deciding whether to move forward with fuel or hybrid cars. Or are you aiming for a fully electric car? Before making any decisions we want everyone to know first how many ways there are to charge electric cars, and we can actually charge them at home without having to go to various service points.

For those who have their own accommodation, it is considered very convenient to charge an electric vehicle because you can get your own charger installed. How do you go about doing this?

1. Change the size of the electric meter to a larger one. It is recommended to switch to size 30(100) so you don't use too much power.

2. Change the main cable and the circuit ball (MCB) to a larger one. The main cable should be 25 sq mm. and the ball circuit should be 100 (A) to make the connection work.

3. See if there is still space in the electrical control cabinet (MDB) to install another Circuit Breaker because the car charger should be separate itself. You should not combine it with other electrical appliances for your own safety.

4. Install a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCD) to automatically cut off the power when the current is overloaded. This may result in a short circuit or fire. But if the charging cable has a power cut system already It doesn't even need to install more.

5. Use a socket (EV Socket) type 3 holes (with earth wire) that can withstand a continuous current of not less than 16 (A).

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At present, there are 3 types of electric vehicle charging and different charging times.

1. Normal Charge: It is charged directly from the socket or by plugging in the charger directly to the home power itself. It takes about 12-16 hours to charge 1 cycle.

2. Double Speed Charge: It charges from an EV Charger, which you can buy and install at home as well. This charger will help charge the battery to be full faster. It takes about 6-8 hours to charge 1 cycle.

3. Quick Charge: It charges electricity directly to the battery. It takes about 40-60 minutes to charge from 0-80%. This is the most common way to charge and is often seen at various service stations that require fast charging. But the disadvantage is that charging like this can cause the battery to deteriorate faster than usual.

Electric cars are another cost-saving option. From a rough calculation, charging an electric car battery for 1 full cycle will cost about 236.8 baht and can run 350 kilometers, which amounts to about 1.4 baht per kilometer. Fuel cars will cost you an estimated 3-5 baht per kilometer.

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