Must I Get My Car Inspected at a Service Center Before Selling?

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How important is a car inspection when selling a used car? Is the onus on the seller or the buyer? We discuss this in today's article!

As a car owner, you should be sending your car for inspections regularly and ensure you upkeep the maintenance of its various parts for your own safety as well as to be more cost-effective in your car ownership journey. Each car part has its respective periods of inspection. The owner of the car can check the various preliminary points by himself or bring it to the service center to for a thorough inspection. If you are not proficient enough, it is recommended to let more experienced personnel take care of it.

If you're a car owner with plans to sell your used car, you might be thinking to yourself “do I have to bring the car to the center to check the condition of the car first?” You might think that a decent-looking exterior is all you need to be able to sell the car and you would save a couple of bucks not sending it for inspection, but let me tell you, you're wrong. We highly recommend that you bring your vehicle in for an inspection before selling. 

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When trading in used cars, buyers care about their quality and condition, which is not limited to just the condition of its exterior alone but also the serviceability and efficiency of its engine and other similarly important internal components. No one wants to buy a problematic car, regardless of how clean it looks on the outside. That's why the best prices are for used cars that both looks and perform like a brand new car.

Sending your car in for an inspection is one of the best ways to let the buyer know that the car is serviceable and free of any issues, warranting higher prices. If there is anything that needs to be fixed, you may be able to rectify it before selling it or inform the buyer directly to let them know of the issue prior to the sale.

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