5 Reasons Your Used Car Price Drops

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Everyone wants the best price when selling a used car. But not all cars fetch their market price due to various factors that cause their price to fall.

When selling a used car, check if your car falls under any of these categories that would drop its selling price. If it's something that can't really be fixed before selling, you would probably have to accept a price that may not be as high as initially expected.

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Cool car paint might not be a good idea

When buying a new car, everyone wants to pick their favorite car color but it might be a color that's too flashy or uncommon. These colors might not hold their value over time and they already have a smaller market. Car dealers would also drop their buying prices as these cars are more difficult to sell as opposed to the more basic colors such as white and black. Alternatively, the car dealers might repaint the cars to be able to sell them more easily, incurring additional costs and consequently, lesser profits.

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Having a non-stock engine

Some car owners might change their engines as the previous engine has been worn out over time. This can drop its price as there is uncertainty surrounding the new, non-stock engine. Making it somewhat slower to sell than the original engine or a new engine that matches the original model.

High mileage

Mileage is a clear indication that the car has been used for a long time and how heavily it has been used. If the car has just been bought for less than 3-5 years but has higher mileage than general use standards, it may be seen that the car has been used too heavily. So, the selling price will drop a bit for this condition. Even if it's a second-hand car, it must work well because no one wants to buy a car that requires frequent fixing.

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Have been through floods/heavy accidents before

If your car has been through a flood or has been in a serious accident before. Of course, the internal engine may be worn or damaged in more ways than we can see. When selling a used car, the price may drop a bit because the buyer may feel that the car has undergone quite heavy damage which makes it less trustworthy with regards to its performance.

Good car conditions as advertised

If you choose to sell used cars through online channels. Of course, you will need to photograph the car to allow buyers the opportunity to consider the condition of the vehicle first and roughly estimate its price. When it comes to the date of appointment to see the actual car and your car is in the same condition as in the picture, you will very likely get the agreed price. But if the buyer sees additional defects other than in the picture, it might result in the price being renegotiated accordingly.

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