What to Do If You Lost Your Car?

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Losing your car is such an unwanted scenario but it's always good to know what to do in case it happens!

Many people tend to think that car loss events are unlikely to happen to them but low risk doesn't mean no risk! It would be good to know what to do in such a situation before it occurs!

Stay Calm

No matter what happens, the ability to stay calm and collected is very important. If you lose your car, gather your bearings and try to recall the details of your car, in-car assets, and the where, when, and hows of your vehicle so others can help you better.

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Make a Police Report

Before going to the police station, it is advisable to call the lost car hotline 1192 first to report the preliminary information in a timely manner. Then go to the police station in your area to provide information for officers so they can find your vehicle more easily.

Inform the Insurance Company (if any)

If your car is insured, when the car is lost you can approach your insurance company to make a claim. The insurance company will conduct a preliminary inspection and follow-up on the car. If it is proven that the car is really lost and it cannot be returned to you, the insurance company will reimburse your compensation according to the amount specified in your policy.

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Share on Social Media

The last way to find your car is by posting on your social media platforms or posting on various car groups or pages such as a lost car tracking group, Sor Wor Por 91, Jor Sor 100, etc. to ask for help.

Tips for Avoiding a Lost Car Situation
  • Avoid parking in hidden areas. Park in areas with surveillance cameras or those with security personnel to be the eyes and ears of our car
  • Install anti-theft devices. If there is an urgent incident, you will be able to receive a warning signal to know immediately.
  • Modify the equipment in the car a bit. If you have to leave the car parked for a long time, for example, remove the battery to prevent the car from starting.
  • Install GPS to keep track of the car, in the event that the car has been stolen, you will be able to check where the thieves have taken it!

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Even if the car is a big asset, it doesn't mean it's not at risk of being stolen. Therefore, every car owner should be careful always!

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