How to Change Your License Plate Number Legally

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Did you know that it is possible to change your licence plate number here in Thailand? Get your lucky number emblazoned on your car plate just by following these steps!

You might be looking to change your licence plate number because you feel that the number you using is unlucky for you. Some common trends are people changing their car plate numbers into something more auspicious, something more meaningful to them or maybe it's just a number they really like. The replacement process is actually quite simple and can be done at the Department of Land Transport.

However, do take note that you must have at least 30 days left on your car tax before changing your car plate number, or else you will be made to pay your annual car tax first.

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Documents required for applying for a new vehicle registration number
  • Car registration book (Original and copy versions)
  • ID card of car owner (Original and copy versions)
  • Evidence of ownership of a new registration number, such as the bidding results of a new number
  • Power of attorney (In case you can’t do it by yourself)
Procedures for requesting a new vehicle registration number
  • Reserve a new license plate number or bid for a lucky number in an auction at
  • Prepare all documents above
  • Process registration within 60 days after receiving a new license plate. If the new license plate is exceeded, it will be canceled immediately
  • Make payment
  • Bring the receipt and vehicle registration book to register the vehicle at the transport office

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The cost of requesting a new vehicle registration number
  • The fee for changing the license plate via reservation is 500 baht
  • The fee for changing the license plate via auction is 1,500 baht
  • The license plate fee is 100 baht
  • The fee for various requests is 75 baht
  • Proceed to the provincial transport office
What do you have to do if you want to switch the car plate number to an existing one?

The documents are the same as requesting to change the registration number normally.The difference is that you will need the car registration book of both cars, the ID card of the owner of both cars (If they’re not the same owner), and there must also be a document consenting to the change of the vehicle registration number. (If not the same owner).

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Can I request to change the license plate number if my car is still under the finance company?

Yes, you can but should contact the finance company to do so because the car registration book is with them normally. To do it yourself, you can pick up the car book from the company (the deposit for the book depends on the consideration of each company) together with the power of attorney from the finance company. Most importantly, there must be no outstanding balance in order to proceed.

For insured cars, if the vehicle registration number has been changed, do not forget to inform the insurance company to update the information as well. There will be no problem when requesting a claim later. If the information is not updated, there might be issues when it comes to claims, it will take longer than usual because the insurance company will have to check the chassis number to prove that it's the same car.

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