How to Claim Insurance from Other Party in an Accident

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Involved in an accident that you're not liable for? Today at Motorist, we will be covering what to do and how much you can claim from the other party in an accident!

The one silver lining, when involved in an accident you didn't cause, is that you would be able to claim damages from the other party

Of course, as a victim of the situation, you should be reasonably compensated, that's only fair. Let's see what you should do in this situation and the compensation you're entitled to...

1. Car Damages

You can send your car in for repairs in two ways:

  • Take the car to repair at the garage specified by the insurance company of the parties.
  • Take the car to the garage that you contacted yourself and inform the details of the repairs to the insurance company of the parties before so tha the company to assess the initial price or let the company come and see the car's damages by themselves to determine the appropriate repair cost
2. Towing/Transporting the Car to the Garage

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3. Body and Life Damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Compensation for dismemberment
  • Incapacity
  • Funeral expenses (in case of death)
  • Lack of earning benefits (in case of long stay to recover)
  • Lack of support (in case of death and impact on raising children)
4. Property Damages

Property here refers to valuables inside the car such as mobile phones, notebooks, etc., which if damaged from an accident, the insurance company of the parties will also pay compensation for. Bear in mind depreciation will be taken into consideration, not just the actual product value when it was originally bought. The compensation will not exceed the sum assured.

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5. Lack of Benefit from Using the Car / Lack of Benefit During Car Repair

Since January 1, 2019, the OIC has set a minimum rate for compensation for lack of benefit. (For cars with insurance from 1 January 2019) as follows:

  • Cars with less than 7 seats (including the driver) at a rate of not less than 500 baht per day
  • Public transportation car with less than 7 seats (including the driver) at a rate of not less than 700 baht per day
  • Cars with more than 7 seats (including the driver) at a rate of not less than 1,000 baht per day

* The victim must provide relevant evidence for consideration, such as a car repair certificate, a claim letter, a copy of the vehicle registration, a copy of ID card, a copy of driver's license, evidence of renting a car during repairs, receipts for travel expenses, etc.

* The injured person must submit a letter of intent to claim damages to the insurance company of the parties for the insurance company to consider and process the payment of the claim (including depreciation and indemnity).

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