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Published by on . Updated on 16 Oct 2023

Motorist, Singapore’s leading Auto-Concierge platform, entered Thailand in January, 2022, and within a time frame of 11 months, has proven immensely popular with Thai car owners. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, it was originally a website for buying and selling second-hand cars. Through the company’s commitment to superior customer service, it quickly developed a remarkable reputation for having smart solutions for the motoring customers. With only a bilingual website at inception, the company redefined the way of automotive transactions and acquired many customers. To date, across the region, Motorist has logged a staggering THB 22,776,000,000 GMV (approximately USD 600 million).

(Motorist Management Team; from left: Eugene Foo, Jake Ler, Damian Sia, Angela Poh)

Explained Founder and CEO Damian Sia, “Typically, due to consumers’ lack of knowledge in the automotive industry, we have seen many instances of misled customers when selling their cars, making the process of dealing with used cars potentially very difficult.  Right from the start, we pride ourselves to be fully transparent with our processes, serve the needs of the community and become a trusted and reliable partner of our users in Singapore.  We have taken that attitude to Malaysia, and now Thailand. The proof of our success in satisfying the needs of vehicle owners with the excellent service is manifested in the results of close to 700,000 satisfied and supportive vehicle owners.”

With the overwhelming and encouraging response from vehicle owners in Thailand, Motorist Thailand will be launching its super app, a comprehensive automotive service platform to meet every vehicle owner’s needs.  It is an all-inclusive ecosystem of smart tools and services that empowers vehicle owners to manage their vehicles with ease and the concept of simplifying vehicle ownership.  The super app is designed to cater to the needs of busy modern adults who are always on the go.

The first of its kind, the Motorist super app is a real game changer for the industry and will hugely benefit consumers, with more than a dozen special features, developed based on the cycle of vehicle ownership.

The pillar “Drive” is the basis of reference for features to facilitate and improve the driving experience. With this information at your fingertips, you can plan your commute in advance, avoid delays, tolls or fines on your drive and even communicate with other member drivers.  

  • Co-driver is a dedicated driving companion that sends users real-time audio alerts as drivers approach different traffic conditions such as red-light cameras and speed cameras. 
  • Traffic Incidents provides real-time information on other traffic issues, like accidents or roadworks, with more specific details than comparable systems. 
  • With Drivers Connect, you can share and connect with other Motorist super app users, by messaging them with their vehicle plate numbers. For example, you can share crucial information, such as informing a fellow driver that their car boot was opened, or if you have witnessed a theft and would like to share evidence with them.
  • Have you ever witnessed an accident or caught it with your in-car camera?  Or perhaps you are seeking someone who has captured a video of your car in an accident?   Accident Witness allows the sharing of a video or observations between members.

Another pillar “Sell” comprises features that assist those who may be thinking about selling their car. 

  • Users can utilise the No-obligation Quick Car Valuation feature that gives the best quote within 24 hours. WIth Motorist’s panel of trusted and reliable dealers, one can experience the hassle-free process of selling cars with just a click on the mobile phone.

Lastly, the super app also features a “Resources” section for useful car-related information, user support or rewards. 

  • Articles on everything from new models and road tests, to the best car care products and insider’s tips. 
  • Personal Auto Concierge connects you directly to our in-house expert, so you can receive personal help with your car query.       
  • Helpline has all the useful phone numbers you need in case of an emergency, so there is no need to panic.  
  • Test your luck with our Vehicle Plate WIn! Every week, users will have a chance to win up to THB 10,000 if your vehicle plate number matches with the lucky numbers of the weekly draw.

The cutting-edge super app is a one-stop application for all things automotive and will be launched officially on 1st December 2022 for both Android and Apple users.

Damian further commented, “The Motorist super app provides capabilities of an Auto-Concierge, conveniently meeting a host of consumer needs and helping them manage every aspect of owning a vehicle.”

For more information, please visit or download the app here