Top 14 Accident Hotspots in Bangkok

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Bangkok, a state that is equally infamous for both its traffic congestion and high frequency of accidents. This is because there are a large number of vehicles on the roads every day. And if you do decide to drive recklessly, things can turn ugly. Quickly too, might we add.

Today, we’d like to share 14 locations that the Department of Highways and Transportation has highlighted as the most accident-prone spots in Bangkok. Do exercise caution when using these roads!

1. Asoke-Petchburi Intersection

This road is always congested because it is an intersection point between office buildings, tourist attractions, and numerous entertainment centres.

Cars turning left from Kamphaeng Phet 7 Road into Asoke Montri Road and cars from Asoke-Din Daeng Road going straight ahead often collide. Cars turning right from Asoke-Din Daeng Road into Kamphaeng Phet 7 Road to enter the Nikhom Mak Khasan Road often drive in reverse and cut in front of other cars. Drivers should be very alert to reduce the chance of accidents.

2. Sirat Expressway, section of the second elevated expressway at Phaya Thai intersection

This elevated expressway often has high traffic flow due to its connection with Motorway Route 7 (Bangkok-Chonburi). Drivers tend to drive at high speeds and cut in and out of lanes frequently.

Which is why accidents are common. The area that requires extra caution is the elevated ramp at Phaya Thai intersection (turn left to Ratchaprarop or turn right to Mo Chit), as there are often cases of drivers entering the ramp in the wrong lane or changing lanes abruptly.

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3. Sukhumvit 24 Alley

This alley can be quite crowded because it has two large shopping centres and many office buildings. Motorcycles can be seen weaving in and out of traffic in a rush to make their deliveries, leading to accidents caused by reckless driving and sudden lane changes.

4. Ladprao Road

Most accidents tend to occur near the intersection of Pho Kaew Road, which is located near the Bung Tong Lhang temple and the junction between Soi Ladprao 101.

This is because cars coming from Pho Kaew Road are heading towards the Bung Tong Lhang temple. If drivers are not aware of the straight-through traffic from Soi Ladprao 101, it can lead to lane conflicts or collisions in close proximity.

5. Rama 2 Road

If you drive straight to the front of Central Rama 2 department store, you need to be careful of cars exiting the mall and swerving suddenly to enter Rama 2 Road.

Additionally, you must be cautious when crossing the bridge and returning to the front of the mall because you will need to enter the lane abruptly, which can easily cause a collision.

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6. Kheha Romklao Road

There are many alleys and lanes, which can be confusing to those that do not live or work in the area. This can lead to accidents easily if they do not drive carefully.

7. On Nut Road

Drivers should be careful of cars exiting from Big C onto On Nut Road as they tend to veer into the right lane towards Sukhumvit Road without using their turn signals.

8. Suwinthawong Road

On the outbound lane of Suwinthawong Road, be careful from kilometre 52-55 as there are many steep hills and curves. Extra caution should be taken during the rainy season, which can increase the risk of accidents.

9. Rama 9 Road

Rama 9 Road is also a busy traffic area, especially the section that turns left from Pradit Manutham Road, where some vehicles tend to abruptly change lanes to the right, leading to frequent accidents and collisions on the straight road ahead.

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10. Nawamin Road

This road is quite busy because it connects to many other roads, especially at the intersection with Bangkapi Road. There are also many cars exiting from the side streets, which can lead to accidents such as cutting in front of other cars or collisions.

11. Ratchada Phisek Road, in front of the Criminal Court

This is another notorious accident hotspot. Known as the "100 corpse curve", this long and winding road tempts drivers into speeding up, with some of them then losing control, resulting in countless accidents. 

12. The Y-intersection at the overpass of Ratchavipha Road

It is a grade-separated intersection connecting both sides of the road. The intersection is heavily congested throughout the day and the area where accidents often occur is the exit ramp of the overpass towards Prachanukul Road, which leads to Vibhavadi Road and Kamphaeng Phet Road.  

13. Din Daeng Underpass

"100 corpses roundabout" is a notorious name because accidents happen frequently due to the roundabout's continuous curved shape and a double hairpin turn (two curves connected by a short straight line), as well as insufficient lighting. If drivers are not familiar with the route, it's easy to miss the curve, and if they drive recklessly or at high speed, the chances of accidents are even higher due to the relatively dangerous path.

14. The Bang Phlat Intersection Underpass

The Bang Phlat Intersection Underpass is another accident-prone area. Due to the fact that there is only one level of lighting in the underpass, the lighting is insufficient and the light levels are significantly different from outside conditions. When driving into the underpass, the eyes cannot adjust to the light quickly enough, which is another cause of accidents. In addition, there are other causes such as unclear traffic barriers, which can cause confusion about which lane to use, motorcycles using the underpass illegally, and traffic congestion inside the underpass. If a vehicle is following closely behind and driving at high speeds, it may result in a serious collision.

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