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Want to renew car insurance? Looking for affordable car insurance? Let Motorist help you with a quote – right away!

Car insurance is something that helps save your expenses when accidents happen. Therefore, having car insurance gives you a peace of mind.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

  • Coverage for you in the event of a car accident, including medical expenses, property damage, personal accident coverage, and other fees.
  • Coverage for collisions and damage to third-party property, or if you are hit by someone else, you will receive insurance funds for repairs or replacement parts. It also covers you in the case of an accident with no other party involved.
  • Financial protection in the event of damage from a collision or other conditions as specified in the policy. Some policies also cover theft, natural disasters, or other risks.

How Many Types of Car Insurance Are There?

There are 5 types of car insurance, namely Class 1 insurance, Class 2 insurance, Class 2+ insurance, Class 3 insurance, and Class 3+ insurance. (Read More)

If you have never purchased car insurance before and are currently looking for the best policy to choose, let Motorist help you!

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  • An agent will contact you as soon as possible to inquire about your coverage needs and desired premium.
  • The agent will then present insurance policies that match your requirements. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you can reject it without any obligations or costs.

Motorist makes car matters easy with just a few taps!

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