How to Sell a Car When It's in My Mother's Name?

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Can you still sell a car to someone else if it is in your mother’s name?

A car doesn’t have to be in your name for you to drive it. It could be under your mother’s name, and other family members may be the ones using it. In such cases, when it comes to selling the car, your mother might not find it convenient to handle the sale herself due to reasons like lack of time or feeling that the process might be complicated and troublesome.

Ultimately, she may have to rely on persuading her children or grandchildren to sell the car on her behalf. However, can someone who is not the owner of the car sell it on her behalf?

The answer is yes, it is possible to sell the car on someone else’s behalf. However, it is recommended to transfer the name on the car registration to the name of the child or the person responsible for conducting the sale. This would be better for the sake of simplicity, convenience, and efficiency for all parties involved.

Required Documents

  • Car Registration Book
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Purchase Contract, Receipt, and Tax Invoice
  • Car Transfer/Receive Request Form
  • Power or Attorney (in case you can't go to do it by yourself)

Process of changing the name in car registration book

  • You can do so at the Bangkok Transport Office, Provincial Transport Office, or Provincial Transport Office branch that the transferor has an address in the car registration book or the request to notify the use of the vehicle
  • Get a car inspection at the inspection centre
  • Submit the documents and pay the fee at the car registration office
  • Get the car registration manual back
  • Receive a receipt, vehicle registration manual, tax mark, and car license plate

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