21 Most Bizarre Traffic Signs from Around the World

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Traffic signs convey traffic rules at specific locations, such as no left turn, no parking, speed limit, etc. However, in some countries, there might be peculiar-looking traffic signs designed to represent the traffic conditions in that particular area. These signs may be unfamiliar to us because they are not commonly found in Thailand. 

If anyone has plans to travel abroad, it's a good idea to familiarise themselves with these traffic signs. When encountered unexpectedly, these signs won't come as a surprise and can help avoid any sudden shocks.

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1. Beware of Moose Crossing

In countries with cold climates, moose often inhabit natural areas. They might roam on the roads. If you encounter this sign, it's important to drive with extra caution to ensure the safety of both the moose and your vehicle.

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2. Family Crossing

This type of sign is often found along the United States-Mexico border region. It indicates a location where illegal crossings into the country may occur frequently. Accidents can happen as people rush to cross the road to evade capture.

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3. Zombies Ahead

There are warning signs about zombies being ahead, which are likely a result of hacking for entertainment purposes. If that was true, we’d expect people to run away from the area in a panic.

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4. "Speed Limit 12 1/2"

"Speed Limit 12 1/2" is a detailed type of speed limit sign. In reality, similar signs can be found in Thailand as well. For instance, a speed limit of 80 km/h is usually indicated with a rounded number. However, in some countries, the speed limit can be expressed in very specific terms, like "12 ½ miles per hour."

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5. Beware of Falling Cows

In our home region in the northern part of the country, you might come across signs warning of falling rocks. However, in California, it's even more unique – they have signs warning of falling cows. This is because the area is characterised by steep mountainous terrain where cows reside, and they might accidentally tumble onto the road.

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6. Path to the Nuclear Bunker

You can come across this sign near Essex, England. During the World War era, the construction of bunkers was common, but this one stands out as it is a nuclear bunker, making it distinct from others.

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7. Beware of Surprises

Surprises in this context are not positive, but rather a warning that you might encounter strange or unexpected situations. You need to be cautious and alert, such as rocks falling from a mountain, a disturbed beehive, and so on.

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8. Beware of Roaming Cattle

This sign is intended to alert us to be cautious of cattle wandering around. During daylight hours, it might not be a significant issue. However, during the night, especially with dark-coloured cattle, visibility could be limited, requiring extra caution.

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9. Roundabouts Within Roundabouts

In some areas, there might be complex road layouts that require a warning sign indicating that multiple roundabouts could be encountered ahead in that particular stretch of road.

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10. Beware of Turtles

At first glance, it might not be immediately obvious that this is a turtle sign. It serves as a warning to watch out for turtles crossing the road in that area. If you come across one while they are in the middle of crossing, it's important to remain calm and patient. Give them a little time to safely complete their journey.

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11. No Bell

This sign may also appear a bit cryptic at first glance, resembling a bell. In certain areas, the intention might be to maintain a peaceful environment, as the sound of a bell could potentially disturb people or animals. Therefore, this sign is erected to request cooperation in refraining from using a bell.

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12. Animal Crossing

This sign serves as a general notification to be cautious of animals crossing the road, without specifying the type of animals.

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13. Unicorn Crossing

Is there really a unicorn? The answer is no, but this sign is placed to caution about horses crossing. It's just meant to add some interesting twist by turning it into a "unicorn crossing" sign.

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14. Caution Surfers Ahead

This sign is meant to alert drivers to be cautious of pedestrians carrying surfboards crossing the road. Due to the length of the surfboard, it could potentially cause damage to vehicles or temporarily obstruct visibility while driving.

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15. This Sign Is Not In Use

"Why is this sign here if it's not in use?" This sign is placed to create a reflection of the headlights of vehicles, enhancing road visibility. This is particularly helpful when there are no streetlights along the road, ensuring better clarity of the road ahead.

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16. Caution: Uneven Surface

At first glance, this sign might seem a bit unsettling, as if it's asking for help. However, in reality, this sign is meant to warn about uneven icy surfaces. The icy surface in that area is relatively thin, and driving over it might lead to a drop or depression.

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17. Do Not Put Goats on the Slide Cart

In some countries, goats are commonly kept as pets or livestock. However, it's not advisable to place goats on a slide cart, as it would be challenging to control them. This could potentially pose a danger to the goats.

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18. No Excrete Area

Prohibiting defecation in this area does not refer to taking photos (in Thai). Instead, it indicates that both heavy and light defecation in this area is not allowed. It's quite unusual to have people attempting to defecate outside a designated area to the extent that a sign is needed to explicitly prohibit it.

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19. Beware of Dengue Mosquitoes

Beware of dengue fever, ask for help if you encounter this sign! This sign indicates that there are many mosquitoes in this area, you may need to take extra precautions while in that vicinity.

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20. Beware of Human Frogs Crossing

Actually, this is a pedestrian crossing sign. However, due to the fact that the area is a diving spot, the sign has been made more interesting by depicting humans wearing flippers. 

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21. Please be cautious, 2 kilometres ahead there are kangaroos breeding (do not disturb)

Encountering this sign might be a bit surprising, but the area ahead could be a reserved habitat for kangaroos to prevent their extinction. So, if you see these little guys engaged in their activities, please don't disturb them.

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