Can I still arrange financing if I have misplaced my vehicle registration book?

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The vehicle registration book is a document that we don't use very often, but when we need it, we always seem to not be able to find it!

In such a case, can you still arrange financing? The vehicle registration book is essentially the car's equivalent of an identity card, containing various details about the specific vehicle, such as owner information, chassis number, tax payment history, and more. Losing it, therefore, is a significant issue. 

Can I arrange financing if the vehicle registration book is lost?

In the event that you need to conduct a financing transaction with your vehicle, and the vehicle registration book is lost, technically, it is still possible to arrange to finance as usual. However, this can vary depending on the specific policies and conditions of each financial institution.

The reason is that a new vehicle registration book will only show the name of the most recent owner, and the previous usage history may not be recorded, leading to a lack of clear evidence of the vehicle's origin. This may result in a lower valuation or, in some cases, certain financial institutions may not provide financing services if the vehicle registration book is missing.

When the vehicle registration book is lost, what documents are needed?
  1. Copy of ID card + original ID card
  2. Copy of police report
  3. Copy of vehicle registration (if available)

 *In case the process is not conducted in person:

  1. Power of attorney
  2. Copy of ID card of the authorised person + original ID card
  3. Affix a 10 Baht revenue stamp
What should I do if the vehicle registration book is lost? Do I need to report it?

     1. You need to report the loss to the police in order to take the police report and submit an application to issue a new vehicle registration book.

     2. Visit the local Department of Land Transport (DLT) office in your area to submit the application for a new vehicle registration book. Here are the locations in Bangkok:


  • DLT Office Area 1 > Bang Khun Thian-Chai Talay Road
  • DLT Office Area 2 > Suan Pak Road, Taling Chan
  • DLT Office Area 3 > Sukhumvit Road, opposite Soi Sukhumvit 62/1
  • DLT Office Area 4 > Suwinthawong Road, Nong Chok
  • DLT Office Area 5 > Opposite Chatuchak Market, Phahon Yothin Road

For different provinces, you can find the nearest DLT office on their official website:

     3. Notify the authorities that you are there to request a new vehicle registration book because the old one is lost.

     4. Fill out the application form and provide a statement explaining the reason for the loss of the vehicle registration book.

     5. Pay the fee of 55 baht.

     6. Wait for your turn to be called to receive the new vehicle registration book.

If you discover that your vehicle registration book is lost, it's important to promptly follow the steps outlined above. Even though it's not a document you use frequently in your daily life, it still holds significance for various transactions, such as buying or selling a car or applying for loans. If possible, it's best to keep and maintain it carefully to prevent it from getting lost.

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