Union Hall & Union Co-Event Mall, a new event venue, perfect for party enthusiasts!

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Lately, we've been seeing more events choosing Union Hall and Union Co-Event Mall as their venues. Whether it is events, concerts, fan meets, art exhibitions, etc. But what exactly are Union Hall and Union Co-Event Mall, and where are they located?

Many people are starting to hear more about Union Hall and Union Co-Event Mall because they are versatile venues that can accommodate various types of events. They are conveniently located with easy access to both BTS and MRT, and if you're driving, there's ample parking available. Perfectly meeting the needs of event attendees!

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Union Hall

Union Hall is an expansive event space that caters to all types of activities, boasting over 15,000 sq.m. With world-class lighting, sound, and color systems, it's no wonder that recently many event organizers have chosen this venue for concerts and various other events.

Location: Union Mall, 6th Floor

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Union Co-Event Mall

Union Co-Event Mall, located at the bustling Ladprao intersection, is a versatile studio that caters to all types of events. This spacious venue is open to everyone and can host a variety of activities, including fan meets, mini concerts, dance studio sessions, fashion shows, photo shoots, product launches, and even provides a working space for those looking to work in a creative environment.

The studio offers a total of 7 sizes:

  1. Studio Zone A: 136.5 sq.m., capacity for 25 people
  2. Studio Zone B: 136.5 sq.m., capacity for 25 people
  3. Studio Room 1: 42.5 sq.m., capacity for 10 people
  4. Studio Room 2: 42 sq.m., capacity for 10 people
  5. Studio Room 3: 47.9 sq.m., capacity for 10 people
  6. Studio Room 4: 24.7 sq.m., capacity for 6 people
  7. Studio Live Room 1-7: 9.4 sq.m. each, capacity for 2 people per room

*Reservations are required before using the services

Location: Union Mall, 5th Floor

Operating Hours: Daily, from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

For those who drive, there's no need to worry because Union Mall provides ample parking space for over 2,000 cars. The parking rates are as follows:

  • From 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM:
    • 1st hour: 10 THB
    • 2nd-3rd hour: 10 THB per hour
    • 4th-5th hour: 20 THB per hour
    • 6th hour onwards: 20 THB per hour
    • From the 23rd hour onwards: 40 THB per hour
  • From 12:00 AM to 2:59 AM: a flat fee of 500 THB will be applied, in addition to the actual parking fee
  • From 3:00 AM onwards: an additional 500 THB will be applied, along with the actual parking fee

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