Free Accommodation Rooms from the Department of Highways located at 205 available locations nationwide

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Free Accommodation Rooms do exist! Did you know that the Department of Highways has free accommodations for tourists to use? There are up to 205 locations nationwide. Where will these rooms be and how can one book them? Let us find out together!

Driving long distances needs breaks for travellers to rest and relax along the way. Insufficient rest for the long-distance driver might lead to accidents. Because of this, the Department of Highways recognises the issue and offers 205 free accommodation rooms nationwide. You can check locations and book rooms online now.

How to book accommodation with the Department of Highways

  • Go to the website:
  • Search for rooms from the left-hand panel by typing the name of the desired area  or province that you will be driving through, or you can just click from the map
  • Once selected, you will find information about the location, head of service unit, and the number of beds available. To book and or reserve a room, you can check available rooms on attached Google Calendars and then fill in the required demographic information in the form to make a reservation
  • After submission of details, as the check-in date approaches, a staff member will call to confirm again
  • It is advisable to book in advance during festive periods or long holidays. However, during non-peak times, walk-in services are available and one can use that if rooms are available

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Accommodation Booking Rules: 

  • Limited to 1 family, bookable for 1 day per service station
  • Visitors are prohibited from doing prohibited activities or anything that is against the laws, ethics and traditions, such as drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc. 
  • Do not bring flammable and dangerous objects, or illegal drugs of any kind. Items with a strong odour, such as durian, are also not allowed to be in the room
  • Do not make loud noises, or do things that will annoy or disturb others. Do not quarrel or talk loudly

Each of these rooms varies in size, bed dimensions, and quantity, but all rooms include air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms, and complimentary beverages. Additional tents are available for larger groups upon request. 

If you are seeking a resting place during long journeys, the Department of Highways’ accommodations offer an attractive and cost-effective option. 

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