Porsche is preparing to use H2 Green Steel to reduce carbon emissions

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Porsche is planning to use H2 Green Steel in future car production to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 95%. 

Steel is typically one of the materials contributing most to CO2 emissions in car production, and Porsche is looking to improve this issue. They will opt to shift to H2 Green Steel, which can significantly decrease the car maker’s CO2 emissions starting from 2026 onwards.  

Furthermore, new techniques will be used in Porsche car production, such as how electricity and hydrogen will replace charcoal-burning to heat steel so that it reduces CO2 emissions. 

However, Porsche might not be able to switch immediately to H2 Green Steel for all its new models because there are still limitations in the supply of H2 Green Steels, as the available amount is only 35,000 tons.

Stay tuned to see which Porsche would be the first model to be made from H2 Green Steel in the future.  

Resources: https://www.grandprix.co.th/h2-green-steel/

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