Sustaina-C hatchback made from recyclable materials - Honda's innovative concept

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At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Honda unveiled a new concept car called Sustaina-C. This innovative concept emphasises sustainability and comes in the form of a compact hatchback made from recyclable materials.

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The Sustaina-C concept car subtly resembles the e, Honda’s small electric car, and the original City that debuted in Japan. However, the standout feature is its body, constructed from acrylic-recycled material, giving it a translucent quality. This allows for a large, single-piece rear design with integrated LED tail-lights. Moreover, the rear panel of the car can display various images and messages.

The Sustaina-C is a concept car that Honda plans to further develop in the future for electric vehicles. If there are any updates on the progress of this development, Motorist will promptly provide you with the information.


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