Thai Auto Show sees record-breaking 5,455 Orders for BYD

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BYD's playful Dolphin made waves in Thailand, topping the November EV charts with 2,825 units sold, while the Atto 3 followed in its wake with 1,142.

At the recently concluded Thailand Auto Show, BYD emerged as a formidable contender as they secured an impressive tally of 5,455 orders over the span of the event. This achievement had positioned BYD to be amongst the top sellers at the event, although they humbly declined to disclose the brand identities of the top two performers. 

Spanning from November 29 to December 11, the show hosted a captivating lineup of over 30 esteemed car brands. 

BYD has also proudly showcased a stunning array of five models, which included: Atto 3, Dolphin Seal, Yangwang U8, and Denza N7. Notably, the Atto 3, recognized as the Yuan Plus in China, stands as BYD's inaugural global model, to symbolize their innovation and global aspirations.

The astounding reception of 5,455 orders stands as a testament to the widespread recognition of BYD's electric vehicles, as highlighted by the General Manager of BYD Thailand, Ke Yubin.

This overwhelming response not only highlighted and underscored the exceptional performance and technological advancement of BYD but also their remarkable value for money and ability to accurately meet the needs, concerns, and demands of local Thai consumers.

In a resounding triumph, the BYD Dolphin Model secured its place as Thailand's best-selling all-electric vehicle for November as it boasted a staggering 2,285 units solid. Following closely, the Atto 3 Model claimed the second spot with an impressive 1,142 units sold, making it a clear testament to BYD's unparalleled success in the car market. 

Last month, the renowned Chinese New Energy Vehicle (NEV)  leader highlighted the remarkable success of its Atto 3 Model in key regions in Southeast Asia, like Thailand, Singapore, and other parts of the world such as New Zealand, and Brazil.  Promising news also included the imminent launch of possibly even more competitive NEV Models in global markets. 

Thailand has been holding a special place in BYD's growth strategy, marking the establishment of a cutting-edge production facility. There was a groundbreaking ceremony for this state-of-the-art plant which took place on March 10, 2023 at the expansive WHA Rayong 36 Industrial Estate, which covers nearly 960,000 square meters. 

Anticipated to commence operations in 2024, BYD's Thailand plant aims for an annual production capacity of approximately 150,000 vehicles. This strategic initiative done up by BYD is to emphasize their commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable mobility solutions to global markets for all. 

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