Think carefully before installing! Pros and cons of a gas-powered car

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Cars with LPG are still popular amongst people who want to save money. However, besides saving money, what are some other advantages and disadvantages? 

What is a gas-powered car?

Gas-powered vehicles are vehicles which have been fitted with a dual-fuel system that allows them to run on both petrol and gas.. In the situation that the gas runs out, the vehicle would be able to switch to run on gasoline instead.  

There are two main types of gas used for powering cars: 

  1. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is also known as the cooking gas that many of us commonly use. It is generally used as a substitute for gasoline, but it can actually be used as a substitute for both petrol and diesel.  
  2. NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) refers to a natural gas that is obtained from the accumulation of plant and animal fossils. It is most commonly used as a substitute for diesel.

Advantages and disadvantages of installing a car gas system


  • Saves money on fuel since it is cheaper to fill a car up with gas. 
  • There are many gas stations available nationwide, no fewer than regular petrol stations, making it extremely convenient to fill one up with gas.


  • High installation costs, as many believe, of approximately 30,000 baht or more. However, when the running cost is broken down, it is actually considered to be worth the cost of installation, and therefore not expensive.
  • Car’s engine may deteriorate faster than normal because it uses a higher combustion temperature than when using gasoline, thus making the engine wear out faster. 
  • It is more prone to severe aftermaths in an accident, because gas has a higher possibility to catch fire more easily and quickly thank petrol.

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