Volkswagen using ChatGPT to help develop Voice Assistant System

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Volkswagen plans to use ChatGPT to develop the voice of IDA Assistant’s voice control system together. This will be the first time that ChatGPT will be used within a car in this manner.

According to available information, Volkswagen car users will be able to access the AI databases in all models of the brand that has the IDA Operating System installed, and to collect data during driving on the road. This will be done under a collaboration with Cerence Inc., the developer of Cerence Chat Pro technology, which would be used as the basis for the new function, together with ChatGPT, which has been upgraded to suit automotive-grade use. 

Cerence Chat Pro technology will make ChatGPT a database to support IDA Voice Assistant, Volkswagen’s voice-activated system, to be able to answer questions humans pose in more complex conversations, search for information to find accurate answers, interact with users in simple language, receive and send specific car information, and can also be controlled without pushing any buttons. 

Volkswagen is the first car manufacturer in the world to install ChatGPT as standard in cars to be produced, starting in the second quarter of 2024. 

Source: grandprix

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