10 night markets in Bangkok for foodies!

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The weather in Bangkok during the day is too hot, so let us go out and have fun, eat, and shop at Bangkok’s night markets instead!

With the weather being so hot during the day, it is tiring to go out and walk around the markets. We will all faint before we know it and that is why there are so many night markets within Bangkok, so you can walk around more comfortably at your own pace. 

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Jodd Fairs

This market is extremely popular amongst tourists and has expanded into two branches – Jodd Fairs Rama 9 and Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit. 

The variety of shops available is quite diverse, but the prices can be slightly higher than average.

Rama 9’s branch is typically more crowded with tourists, so if you want a more relaxed experience, we recommend the Dan Neramit branch. 

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

For many years now, this has been a popular market spot for both local and foreigners.

If you do not wish to shop under the scorching sun during daytime, Chatuchak is also open during night-time on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, until midnight

There is a wide variety of goods one can choose from, including fashion clothes, food, and drinks. 

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Liab Duan Market

This large market is a one-stop shop for everything, from clothes, bags, and accessories to food and desserts. It opens at 5pm from Mondays to Sundays.

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Hua Mum Market

Parking spots are available for up to 1,500 cars, so you will not have to worry about finding a spot here!

Ths market offers a diverse variety of goods, and there is something for everyone at affordable prices. 

There are also plenty of seating areas, so you can buy food and enjoy it comfortably at various points around the market. This is a must-visit place for bargain hunters to relax and unwind. 

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Indy Market Dawkanong

Located at the Thonburi side of the river, one can check out Indy Market Dawkanong.

This market has over 500 shops available for one to choose from, and it is divided into multiple sections clearly, so you would not get lost. 

It is perfect for a relaxing evening after work, as there are plenty of delicious food stalls at affordable prices. 

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Green Village Market Ratchayothin

This is a trendy market in the Ratchayothin area, which hosts a wide variety of food and fashion items for sale.

There are also multiple nail-salon stalls with good prices, starting at just 150 baht, scattered throughout the market. You would be able to walk in and get your nails done at any of them. 

The food selection is interesting, with cuisines from all over the world. There are seats around the market, so you do not have to walk whilst eating. 

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Save One GO Market

Save One is a famous market in Korat, and it has a second branch in Bangkok called “Save One GO Market”.

This market is located in a prime location next to Bangkok Gate, and many people consider this to be the No.1 market for affordable food. 

They have strict regulations when selecting vendors, so all of these owners have good quality and offer reasonable prices when selling their products. 

However, as of now, there is only food being sold here. In the near future, other types of goods may be sold too!

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SAT Night Bazaar

A supremely relaxed market in the Ramkhamhaeng area where you can purchase a wide variety of food to enjoy in a chill atmosphere at the public park in the evening. Alternatively, you could visit the indoor sports training centre of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) for a workout before continuing your search for something nice to eat.

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Yaowarat Walking Street

Legendary street food with must-try dishes and famous shops abound! Whether you come during the day or night, you'll leave satisfied. However, the night-time offers more shops and crowds, making it slightly busier. Visit whenever it suits you.

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The One Ratchada

Located behind the Esplanade Ratchadapisek shopping mall, or in the area formerly known as the Ratchada Train Market, this market is quite large, making shopping convenient. The variety of products is comparable to other night markets, including clothing, accessories, nail salons, and a diverse range of international foods. You can shop till midnight.

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