Bangkok to set speed limit of 50 km/h on 40 roads

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Bangkok is preparing to implement new measures to prevent and reduce road accidents in this bustling city. One of the proposed measures is to reduce the speed limit to 50 km/h on 40 roads in Bangkok.

Their current speed limit is 80 km/h, which can be considered high in urban areas. The new speed limit is expected to increase road safety and reduce the number of accidents.  

The 40 roads where the new 50 km/h speed limit will be implemented are: 

  1. U Thong Nok Road
  2. Mahachai Road
  3. Bamrung Mueang Road
  4. Yaowarat Road
  5. Maharaj Road
  6. Nakhon Pathom Road
  7. Chan Road
  8. Atsadang Road
  9. Nang Linchi Road
  10. Khao Lam Road 
  11. Ratchasrima Road
  12. Banthat Thong Road
  13. Sanam Chai Road
  14. Mahesak Road
  15. Luang Road
  16. Luk Luang Road 
  17. Ratchawong Road
  18. Tanao Road
  19. Maitri Chit Road
  20. Fueng Nakhon Road 
  21. Phlab Phla Chai Road 
  22. Bamrung Mueang Road
  23. Ram Butri Road
  24.  Rong Mueang Road
  25. Na Phra That Road
  26. Phichai Road
  27. Surawong Road
  28. Song Wat Road
  29. Sua Pa Road 
  30. Mittraphan Road
  31. Siripong Road
  32. Phra Sumen Road 
  33. Phra Athit Road
  34. Suthisan Winitchai Road
  35. Sukantharam Road
  36. Tai Wang Road
  37. Krung Kasem Road
  38. Charoen Krung Road
  39. Silom Road
  40. Rachini Road

The new speed limit of 50 km/h is still under consideration. Motorist would update you again once it has been officially announced. 

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