Don't do this when washing your car!

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Washing your car yourself can indeed save you some expenses, and it's also a form of exercise. However, even seemingly easy car washing has its risks. Some actions, if done carelessly, can lead to unexpected car problems!

1. Using dishwashing detergent or other non-car washing products:

Using the wrong type of car shampoo may damage the car's paint because the chemicals in each product vary according to their intended use. Some detergents may be too abrasive for car washing, leading to paintwork damage. It's recommended to use dedicated car washing products because they are gentler and preserve the car's paint.

2. Washing the car in direct sunlight or while the car is still hot:

The heat can cause the car wash solution to dry quickly, making it harder to wash off and leaving water spots behind.

3. Wiping the car body in circular motions:

It's recommended to wipe the car along its length rather than in circular motions, because wiping in circles can create faint circular marks on the surface of the car body.

4. Dropping the sponge on the ground and then picking it up to continue washing the car:

If the sponge falls to the ground and is then collected to wash the car immediately, it may cause scratches on the car body because the foam may have collected dust or small debris from the ground. Therefore, it's advisable to clean the foam before using it for further washing.

5. Spraying water onto hot brake discs:

Spraying water onto hot brake discs while the brake pads are hot may cause them to warp, resulting in the car vibrating when braking. The brake discs may need to be machined to restore them to normal, but if they are too warped, they may need to be replaced with new ones.

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6. Using a wet cloth to wipe the car instead of washing it:

Anyone who thinks that using a wet cloth to wipe the car is just as good as washing it is mistaken! This method may lead to the car accumulating cat fur and potentially leaving water spots in the long run. This makes cleaning difficult and increases the risk of the car losing its shine quickly.

7. Using a chicken-feather duster to clean the car:

If the car only has light dust, using a chicken feather duster to brush it off is acceptable. However, it may lead to the car accumulating cat fur. It is recommended to wash the car properly instead.

8. Letting the car dry by itself:

Although the sun in Thailand can be intense, it's not advisable to let the car dry by itself because it may result in water spots forming all over the car body.

9. Not separating the water buckets when washing off the suds:

It's essential to separate the water bucket for the car wash solution from the clean water bucket to prevent debris from mixing. Otherwise, you might end up wiping the car with soapy water or inadvertently rubbing debris onto the car's surface, leading to eventual scratches.

10. Using old clothes to wipe the car:

Our old clothes might have buttons or labels that could damage the car's paint. It's better to use dedicated car cleaning cloths instead.

11. Laying a rubber hose on the car while washing it:

While it may seem convenient for washing the car, it can potentially cause severe scratches on the body of the vehicle. This is because the rubber hose does not glide smoothly over the car but rather moves back and forth according to our usage. It's better to run the water hose underneath the car instead.

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