Why Are Motorcycles Prohibited on Expressways in Thailand?

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Thailand has a policy that prohibits motorcycles from using expressways, a topic that has sparked debate and curiosity among motorcyclists and the general public. There are several reasons behind this prohibition, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Thailand has consistently enforced a ban on all types of motorcycles on expressways and motorways. This law is strictly enforced, although there are frequent violations that pose dangers to both motorcyclists and other road users. This article will delve into the reasons for this prohibition to help understand the risks and dangers that may arise.

Safety as a Primary Concern

One of the main reasons Thailand prohibits motorcycles from using expressways is safety. Expressways are roads where vehicles can travel at high speeds. This high speed makes vehicle control and response to emergency situations more challenging. When motorcycles, which are smaller and less stable, share the road with cars on expressways, the likelihood of accidents increases.

Motorcycles are more vulnerable compared to cars. Collisions between cars and motorcycles on expressways often result in severe injuries or fatalities for motorcyclists. Preventing motorcycles from using expressways reduces the risk of accidents and loss of life.

Speed Disparity

The speed of most motorcycles is generally lower than that of cars on expressways. Motorcycles cannot safely achieve the same high speeds as cars. The need for motorcycles to ride alongside high-speed vehicles creates a speed mismatch, which can easily lead to accidents.

High-speed travel on expressways requires good control and quick response. Motorcycles, being less stable than cars, may not be able to control themselves adequately in emergency situations. Reducing the speed to allow motorcycles on expressways would decrease the efficiency of expressways and defeat their purpose of providing fast and convenient travel.

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Traffic Management and Social Issues

Prohibiting motorcycles from using expressways is a traffic management strategy that can reduce congestion and accident risks. When motorcycles are not on expressways, car users can drive more efficiently. It also reduces confusion in the traffic system and makes expressway management easier.

In some countries where motorcycles are allowed on expressways, special lanes or specific regulations for motorcycles are implemented to increase safety. However, in Thailand, creating or upgrading such infrastructure may not be feasible due to budget and space constraints. Thus, prohibiting motorcycles on expressways is a simple and effective way to manage this issue.

Development of Alternative Transportation Options

In Thailand, other options for motorcyclists are being developed, such as creating special routes for motorcycles or improving the coverage and convenience of public transportation systems. Encouraging motorcyclists to use public transportation is another way to reduce the number of motorcycles on roads and increase travel safety.

Developing public transportation systems, such as electric trains and buses, is a method to reduce the need for motorcycles for long-distance travel or journeys requiring expressways. Promoting the use of public transportation also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution in major cities.

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When You Ride a Motorcycle on an Expressway in Thailand

In Thailand, riding a motorcycle on expressways is clearly illegal under the Land Traffic Act B.E. 2522 (1979), Section 139, and related regulations on traffic in special lanes B.E. 2524 (1981), which prohibit motorcycles from traveling in special lanes. Violators are subject to a maximum fine of 1,000 baht.

The prohibition of motorcycles on expressways in Thailand stems from various reasons, including safety, traffic management, and the development of more efficient transportation alternatives. Ensuring efficient and safe use of expressways for everyone is a key goal of this policy. Although some motorcyclists may find this ban unfavorable, considering the overall benefits and safety, prohibiting motorcycles on expressways remains a suitable approach at present.

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