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about 1 month ago

If a car crashes between buyers for a test drive, what should you do?

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Supatcha (Parn)
In this case, you have to consider many factors first, such as whether the car is insured or not. Or still in insurance or not, the damage caused by an accident is not actually caused by the driver's negligence, how much damage has occurred, etc. If the car is still insured You can report a claim with insurance as usual. should be no problem The more if it was actually caused by an accident, the more claimable for sure. but if caused by the negligence of the driver It may be the buyer's responsibility. or in the event that the damage is very minor The seller may be able to manage on his own. But if the damage is severe, the buyer may be responsible for the replacement. (subject to agreement between buyer and seller)

18 days ago