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What can the Motorist app do?

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How can we assist you?

1 Answer

Supatcha (Parn)
The Motorist app is an all-in-one car app. There are many features to be used, such as 1. Alerts Co-Driver is like a companion that will help sound alerts in real time. When approaching important points such as speed cameras 2. Traffic conditions/traffic cameras Can access real-time traffic information To help plan a better trip 3. Drivers Connect, chat with members easily by searching for vehicle registration numbers. 4. Accident witnesses. You can request proof of an accident from other users who may have been involved in the same incident. Or you can submit evidence to help others as well. 5. Compare fuel prices from leading gas stations on one page. 6. Buy/renew car insurance. 7. Renew car tax. 8. Sell car/appraise car price. Used cars 10. Collect hotlines And various emergency numbers for you 11. Consult a personal car assistant (Mel) 12. Win prizes every week with a lucky registration number . This is just part of the features in the Motorist app. Develop and add more new features to meet all the needs of people with cars. Download today:

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