Parking Offences You Should Take Note of to Avoid Pesky Fines!

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Parking can be hard to find at times but that doesn't mean you should park illegally and break traffic rules, risking a fine or even accidents. This especially applies to dangerous parking on sidewalks or at the risk of other vehicles.

Let's establish a courteous driving community by respecting traffic regulations! Here, Motorist will show you common parking habits to avoid so you'll never be at risk of parking fines.

1. Stopping your vehicle or parking at locations that obstruct traffic flow.

2. Not ensuring that your parked vehicle is parallel to the curb.

3. Parking at a distance of more than 25 centimeters from the curb.

4.Parking on the sidewalk.

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5. Parking at an intersection or within 10 meters from the intersection.

6. Parking at a crosswalk or within 3 meters from the crosswalk.

7. Parking at prohibited areas as denoted by "No Parking" signs.

8. Parking within 10 metres of a traffic sign installation

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9. Double parking on other parked cars.

10. Parking at or within metres of a building entrance/exit.

11. Parking within 15 meters before a bus stop sign or 3 meters beyond it.

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Be sure to follow these parking regulations and you won't face any unwelcomed summons! If you find this article useful for other car owners, please do share it with them!

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