Top 10 Best Seller Cars at Motor Expo 2021

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Let’s take a look at the top 10 best seller cars at Motor Expo 2021

The automobile industry still is busily among recessions because there are 31,583 cars sold at Motor Expo 2021 (worth around 40 billion baht!).

Can you guess the top 10 list in order? Find out below…

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1. Toyota

It is one of the most famous car brands in Thailand for a long time and they received around 5,715 car bookings for sale at the event.

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2. Honda

Honda narrowly lose out on top spot, they sold 4,115 cars.

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3. Isuzu

Isuzu gets 3,329 car bookings.

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4. Mazda

Mazda is highly popular as well, they received 3,189 car bookings.

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5. MG

Congrats to MG! They are one of the top 5 as well and got 2,297 car bookings.

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6. Suzuki

Suzuki seem quiet but got a lot of car bookings, about 2,185 of them!

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7. Mercedes-Benz

A classic, Mercedes-Benz received 2,005 car reservations for sale.

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8. Mitsubishi

The Japanese automotive car brand, Mitsubishi makes it into the top 10 with 1,572 car reservations.

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9. BMW

BMW attained a lucky number with 1,111 car bookings for sale.

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10. Nissan

Lastly, Nisson received 1,028 car reservations.

Alright! How many ranks have you guessed correctly?

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