Songkran 2022: What You Should Prepare Before Travelling

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Before leaving for Songkran, don't forget to ensure that your car is serviceable for safety and convenience sake! But what exactly should you be checking on? Let's find out!

Songkran 2022 is a very much welcomed holiday with many people taking this opportunity to travel home. Bags are usually packed for multiple days for this 5 day break that usually involves a tour through multiple provinces.

For such long journeys, we should always be prepared beforhand. First and foremost, we should ensure that our car is in working condition as it is one of the most vital factor for such a journey 

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1. Check the battery

You should check your car's battery, which can be divided into the following types:

  • Batteries that do not require distilled water: Pay attention when starting the car and observe the batteries operation through its photocell.
  • Batteries that do require distilled water: Check the battery's life to look for deterioration. If it has been in service for less than a year, it should be fine. However, if its service life is 12-24 months, check for deterioration before leaving for your trip! Also ensure that the distilled water level is not lower than the indicated level. 

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2. Check its wheels/tyres

A car's wheels are its most important component. It's the car's only point of contact with the road and therefore anything that happens to it will immediately affect one's ability to drive the car. You should observe your car's tyre pressure and overall condition.

    • You should ensure the tyre pressure is at the proper level. 
      • General sedans should be within 30-32 PSI.
      • Pickus should be within 36-38 PSI.
    • Observe the tyre for any cracks or dents and esnure that the tread depth is not lesser than 1.6mm.

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3. Check its shock absorber/suspension system.

If there are issues with your suspension system, you're in for a bumpy journey! These are the points you should check before leaving:

  • Is there a leak in the shock absorber area?
  • Is the shock absorber recovery normal? Tst by pressing on the rear of the car or the front of the car and if it bounces too much, there might be a problem.
  • Make sure the shock absorber's shape resembles a symmetrical cylinder.
  • After using the car, feel your shock absorber. If it's not warm, the might be an issue with the shock absorber.
  • Is the steering wheel tilting to a side when you drive on a straight road? The pinion bushing might be a problem.
  • In general, if you're driving straight but feel that the wheels are not straight, bring the car to a service centre to get it checked.
4. Check the coolant system

Always ensure that your coolant level is not lower than the indicated level. Top up when necessary!

5. Check the brake system

It is important for you to pay attention to your brake system. Check for any leakages, whether the brake pads are still effective and look out for any weird sounds when braking. Get any problems rectified immediately!

In addition, the brake fluid level should be kept at an appropriate level and its color should not be darker than usual.

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6. Check all the parts of the electrical system

Whether it's headlights (all levels), taillights, brake lights, turn signals, fog lights or emergency lights, ensure that they are functioning before embarking on your trip. If there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately for your own safety.

7. Check your engine oil

Your engine oil keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly. Measure the oil level with the dipstick and ensure it is between the max and min indicators.

8. Check your dashboard camera

Having a dashboard camera is good for your own security but it's no use if it isn't functioning. Make sure it is angled properly and has enough storage space.

If your camera does not automatically deletes old footage to make room for new ones, you might want to format your memory card so you got plenty of coverage for your trip! And don't forget to clean that camera lens please!

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9. Prepare an emergency kit.

Emergency kits are important to have in your car, especially for long trips like this. These are some items you might want to have in your emergency kit:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Jumpstart Cable
  • Tyre puncture repair kit
  • Torchlight
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety hammer
  • Car jack
  • Spare engine oil
  • Usable spare tire

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10. Driver Readiness

Being ready for a trip like this is always advised. Plan your trip properly, what route will you take? How long does it take to get from point to point? What dangers could you encounter at different portions of your trip?

Get enough sleep the night before and stay away from medications or supplements that might cause drowsiness.

Always be careful on the road and follow the traffic rules. Prepare a spare mobile charger along with emergency contact numbers in case of any accidents that might arise. Being prepared is never something to regret! Take care!

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