Do I Have to Wash My Car During the Rainy Season?

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There's this common belief among drivers that you don't need to wash your car after it rains because the rain will clean the car for you. This is, however, completely incorrect. Here's why!

If you believe that there's no need to wash your car in the rainy season because rainwater helps wash the car already, you need to read this article urgently before your car gets damaged!

The fact is the more it rains, the more you need to clean, due to various external factors  that can have a negative effect on your car in the long run. Today we'll go through 5 important reasons why you still have to wash your car even during the rainy season!

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Intense stains, long-lasting

When we drive through mud and water puddles, there are visible stains that they leave. It's no different when it comes to rain. When the rain stops and the car is dry, you can see that the car will have water streaks and stains everywhere. The longer you take to clean them up, the harder it will be to clean. It is recommended to get your car washed every 7-10 days to avoid the formation of tough stains.

Parts of the car can rust easily

With water, comes moisture. If you park in the rain, drive in the rain, or wade through the flood, your car will have more humidity than usual. If you're not in a hurry to wash and dry it after the rain. Moisture will accumulate at various parts of the car, causing rust.

Leaf fragments damage the car surface

Don't underestimate small leaves, they might seem harmless and unassuming but they can still do damage! Whenever you find leaves on your car be it after or before a drive, at least remove them from your car if you don't have the time to wash them immediately. If you leave it till it dries, you will find it a bit harder to remove and it might even lead to damage.

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Acid rain

Rainwater is normally weakly acidic, but increasing air pollution promises to increase acidity levels in rainwater. It also gets worse in industrial areas. If you don't wash your car after the rain, rainwater can corrode your car's paintwork, make the car look dull, or cause the car's paint job to fade faster.

Price drop when selling a used car

When selling a used car, the buyer will assess the condition of the car's exterior as well as its interior. If you have taken good care of your car and almost no further repairs are required, you're sure to get higher prices.

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