How do we know if the wipers are expired?

Published by on . Updated on 5 Sep 2022

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Did you know? Windshield wipers have an expiration date as well. So how do we know when it expires and when should we get them changed? Read more to find out!

Windshield wipers are something that many people may not take care of or pay enough attention to when in fact, it has a huge impact on driving, especially when driving in the rain where faulty wipers are a huge accident threat!

The windshield wipers can wear out like any other car part but many people don't know this or don't know how to care for them properly. So, how do we know when to change our wipers?

Streaks obstructing you view on the window shield

Usually, your windshield would be totally clear if you're using your wipers but when they start to deteriorate, it will lead to streaks of residue being left on your windshield. This is the clearest indicator and its your windshield's call for help to get those wipers changed!

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Scratches on the windshield

What's worse than streaks of rain drops or residue being left on your windshield? If your faulty wipers cause scratches! This is very much a possibility if harder residue like dirt or sand gets stuck on those worn out wipers and get dragged over the windshield.

Make noise while swiping

Another obvious sign that your wipers have expired would be their sound. If it's louder than how it is when in normal operation, that's a sign to get a new set!

Rubber seems solid and crisp

Frequent parking in the sun can cause the wiper blades to wear out prematurely. When the rubber wiper blades begin to harden or get flaky, they will not be completely in contact with the glass which stops the wipers from cleaning your windshield properly.

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How do you prevent the wipers from deteriorating quickly?
  • Clean it regularly because if the rubber wiper blades are dirty, it can't help our glass clean and may also cause marks from various dirt stains. Take a clean cloth dampened with water and wipe along the length of the wiper blades to keep the windshield wipers in good condition. Avoid using car shampoo or other solutions as its chemicals might cause the rubber to deteriorate.
  • If the car is parked in the sun, do not lift the wipers up because it will cause the wipers to receive heat from sunlight extremely which might lead the wipers to deteriorate faster than they should. Avoid parking in the sun where possible!
  • Change the rubber wiper blades every 6 months (2 years for the rear windshield wipers). It's possible to only change the rubber portion but it will take some finesse to replace them so we would recommend that you get the whole wiper replaced!

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