Safe Driving Tips for the Rainy Season

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Driving in heavy rain is an issue for many drivers due to the slippery roads and poor visibility that can increase the risk of accidents.

In general, driving can be a scary thing to do especially for new drivers. It gets worse in the rainy seasons as the road gets quite slippery, making it harder for you to keep control of your car.

The following are some measures can you take to drive safely during bad weather!

1. Adjust the speed of the wiper blades accordingly.

If it's only a light drizzle, it might be sufficient for you to manually trigger your wipers once or twice, limiting the distraction that comes with the wipers in constant motion. Of course, in heavier weather, you can use automated wipers to help keep your vision of the road clear.

If dirt gets stuck on your windshield, please use your windshield water to remove or soften it before using your wipers so as not to damage it or your windshield.

2. Be sure to turn on your front and rear lights.

The headlights will help you see your way more clearly. The rear lights will help the cars following you see your car clearly to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Opt to use your normal or fog lights. Do not use your emergency or hazard lights because it might lead other cars to believe you are stationary. Try not to use your high beam as well because it may blind other road users!

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3. Keep a safe distance of at least 10-15 metres from the car in front and drive at a speed of 60 km/h.

4. If hydroplaning occurs (a situation where your tyres lose friction with the road), do not depress your brake abruptly. Instead, reduce its speed by engaging a low gear and slowly tapping on the brake.

5. If you encounter flooding conditions and intend to drive through it, slow down and use a lower gear to keep your revs up so as to prevent water from splashing into the machine, causing damage to your engine.

We hope this article will be helpful to all drivers during this rainy season. We wish you all a safe journey, free of any reckless driving!

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