9 Tips to Relieve Back Pain When Driving

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Driving can sometimes cause discomfort and back pain but there are ways to relieve it!

Long drives are a common cause of back pain and discomfort. This is a result of being in the same position for a long period of time while exerting yourself while driving.

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Initially, let's try to adjust the driving posture first. Let's start with

  1. Sit with your back straight, keeping your back, hips, and thighs as close to the car seat as possible in order to get the correct anatomical position and feel comfortable driving
  2. Adjust the seat so that the knee is slightly bent when the brake is applied to the end. So that you can fully press the brake or accelerator and help reduce injuries in the event of an accident
  3. Adjust the height of the seat to be able to see the area around the car and all parts of the car mirror clearly
  4. Adjust the upholstery slightly. So that the cushion can support the thighs well, easier to press on the accelerator or brake, no need to strain
  5. Adjust the backrest to lean about 110 degrees to get the right distance from the steering wheel. Makes it easier to control the car
  6. Adjust the head restraint to fit the height of the driver's head. And there should be a distance between the head and the cushion of about 2 cm.
  7. Hold the steering wheel at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions to reduce fatigue. And make it easier to turn the steering wheel because it is the same degree as our shoulder blades
  8. Adjust the steering angle to feel the most comfortable grip without having to reach out or strain your shoulders
  9. Adjust the steering distance with your wrist distance. By sitting up straight next to the seat and stretching your arms across the steering wheel. If the wrist is not on the steering wheel, adjust it accordingly. Once the adjustment is complete, you will find that our arms are slightly bent to make it easier to control the steering wheel itself

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If you followed all the steps above, but the back pain is still there. You might do some exercises below which some gestures can do in the car.

  1. Place your arms close to your body and palms facing out. Then lift your elbows up to your shoulders and slowly raise your arm up and down about 2 times
  2. Raise your right arm parallel to the floor, perpendicular to the body. Left hand grabs right elbow and pushes it back. Hold for 1-5 seconds, then switch to the other side. Repeat about 5 times
  3. Sit up straight and squeeze your shoulders up to your ears, hold for count 2, repeat 5 times
  4. Sit up straight and hand on the cushion. Then bring the left hand under the right leg. Then hold for 1-5 seconds, alternating sides for about 5 rounds
  5. Stretch your legs out in front Then lift your feet up and move your toes up and down. Do about 5 times, alternating sides

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