What Does the Car Act Cover?

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Have you ever wondered what the car act covers and what protection it offers? Today we'll be taking a look at the compulsory insurance every car owner should get for their vehicle!

The Car Act or the Car Accident Protection Act B.E.2535 is considered compulsory insurance that every car must have. This is to ensure protection for the people who have been injured in an accident, stopping car usage immediately without first checking whether they're the culprit or not.

If you violate or fail to comply with the Car Act, you will be punished with a maximum fine of up to 10,000 baht which would also prevent you from paying your car tax. Unpaid car taxes will leave you liable as your the licence plate number can expire or get cancelled.

What does the Car Act cover?

Initial damage protection

The victim must notify the insurance company within 180 days after the incident and will receive compensation within 7 days from the date the company receives the request. For this protection, everyone has the same protection without having to prove guilt first.

  • Actual medical expenses but not more than 30,000 baht/person
  • Dismemberment or death will entail compensation of 35,000 baht/person
  • Injured person has dismemberment after medical help, they can receive a total compensation not exceeding 65,000 baht/person
  • Death after getting treatment at a hospital will receive compensation not exceeding 65,000 baht/person

Indemnity protection

For this case, victims must first prove that they are right, therefore will be protected in this section.

  • Medical expenses and other damages that can be claimed not exceeding 80,000 baht/person
  • Dismemberment or permanent disability will be compensated 200,000-500,000 baht/person
  • In case of death, party will receive compensation of 500,000 baht/person
  • In the case of receiving medical treatment as an inpatient at a hospital, the party will receive a daily compensation of 200 baht per day for 20 days

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