Can I transfer a car across the province? How do I do it?

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Want to transfer a car across the province, can I do that? What documents need to be prepared?

What do you do if you want to transfer a car across the province, what documents need to be prepared? Transferring cars across provinces can be done, but documents must be prepared with both the person doing the transfer and the person receiving the transfer in order for the process to be performed smoothly.

What is a car transfer?

Transferring a car is to change the name of the car’s owner. This can be done at the Department of Transportation or the provincial transport office.

Required Documents
  • Two sets of documents should be prepared for both the transferor and the transferee
  • Copy of the identity card of the transferor and transferee 
  • Copy of the house registration of the transferor and transferee
  • Car registration book
  • Car transfer forms
  • Evidence of the car’s purchase, such as purchase order, receipt, or tax invoice
  • Power of attorney (in the event that the original owner is not able to be physically present)

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Transferring a car across the province processes
  • Prepare complete documents as listed above
  • Head to the Department of Transport or the Provincial Transport Office
  • Inform the staff that you wish to transfer the car from one province to another
  • Submit all documents to the staff
  • Fill out the application form for the provincial transfer
  • Pay a fee of 905 baht
    • Stamp duty 500 baht (per every 100,000 baht based on the car’s appraisal)
    • License plate replacement fee 200 baht
    • Change of registration book 100 baht 
    • Transfer fee 100 baht
    • Request fee 5 baht
  • The staff will make an appointment to inspect the vehicle
  • Upon finishing the vehicle inspection, the Transport Office staff will arrange an appointment for the collection of the new registration book and to remove the original license plate
  • On the day of receiving the new car registration book, prepare one additional copy of the power of attorney document, along with the following documents:
    • Copy of ID card
    • Copy of house registration
    • Company registration letter (in case the car is a corporate name)
    • Power of attorney affixed with stamp duty of the transferor and vehicle recipient
    • Application form for transfer and pick up the car
  • The new license plate with the new vehicle registration details will arrive within 1 week
  • If you wish to retain the original registration number, please notify the the Transport Office staff before proceeding with the transfer proceedings

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I am interested in buying a car. The car is located in Bangkok. I live in Mueng Prachuap Khiri Khan. I am on a tourist visa. I can obtain a residency document from my local immigration. I hold both Canada and UK passports.

My question is can I buy a car in Bangkok and transfer it to my name ? and if so how ?

Does anyone offer service to help with this ?

In the past I have bought vehicles in other provinces by "moving" to the province of purchase, then buying / transferring ownership, then "moving" back home and re-registering it in my home province, but it sounds like it is difficult to get a residency document in Bangkok without doing 90 day reporting.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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