Here’s how to Jump-Start Your Car Battery

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There are many reasons that can contribute to a dead battery. Excessive current draw from an onboard electronic device for example, or a car that has not been driven in ages.

You can jump start your car on your own, though precautions should be taken to ensure you do not hurt yourself, or damage your vehicle’s electrical system.

Top tip - it’d be wise to always have a battery jumper in your car. You’ll never know when it’d come in handy!

How to Properly Jump a Car Battery
  1. Completely switch off your vehicle
  2. Connect the red jumper cable (+) to the (+) terminal of the dead car battery
  3. Connect the other (+) terminal of the jumper cable to the (+) terminal of the vehicle with the battery
  4. Connect the black (-) jumper cable to the (-) battery terminal of the car with the battery
  5. Clamp the other end of the cable to the bare metal of the dead car. (Do not attach to the (-) terminal of the battery is strictly prohibited)
  6. Start the car engine with the battery first by slightly accelerating the engine for about 2-3 minutes
  7. Start the car engine with dead battery and try to speed up the engine to check if the power is on
  8. When everything is done, remove the battery jumper cables in the following order
  • Battery jumper cable (-) of the car that the battery is out
  • Battery jumper cable (-) terminal of a car with battery
  • Battery jumper cable (+) terminal of a car with battery
  • Battery jumper (+) terminal of the dead car battery

(Photo Credit: Freepik)

Not out of the Woods yet

Just because your car is now running, doesn’t mean you are fully out of the woods. It pays to have a professional to check over the condition of the battery, and make replacements where necessary.

If the problem persists, you may have an issue with a current drain. This is a problem that is best left to experts to diagnose. 

Precautions when Towing Car Batteries
  1. Do not start the car or do not turn off the power system of both cars
  2. Do not smoke or light a lighter during battery jumping to reduce the chance of sparks or explosions
  3. Do not let the ends of the jumper cables touch each other because it may cause a short circuit
  4. Always wear eye protection and gloves when touching the car battery because in the car battery there is acid that can cause danger

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