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What if you could charge your EV just by driving or parking on the road?

The popularity of EVs continues to rise, and almost every car manufacturer is increasingly investing in the development of EVs to meet consumer demand.

However, owning an EV comes with a couple of drawbacks. Charging is often the main deterrent, especially if you have to rely on public chargers.

If the vision of this Israeli company comes true, the main bugbear of EV ownership will no longer exist. They have developed a novel concept of e-Roads, which can wirelessly charge electric vehicle batteries as you drive along.

A proof of concept already exists, located in their native Israel, on a stretch of road in front of Tel Aviv University. This e-Road has a length of only 600 metres and is dedicated to the public transportation lanes as a test of the system.

Early data is promising; from the research, it has been found that this e-Road system has a vehicle reliability of 91%, helping to save energy and reduce costs for various types of vehicles by up to 70% and maintenance costs by up to 75% compared to other diesel-powered vehicles.

And it isn't only the Israelis who are at it. The Swedes are as well. In fact, the Scandinavian nation intends to build these roads by 2025, starting with their E20 national highway, covering a distance of approximately 21 kilometers from Hallsberg to Örebro. If successful, the project will be expanded to create a full-scale electric road network spanning over 3,000 kilometres in the future.

It is expected that there will be other countries that will construct e-Roads to accommodate the increasing use of EVs. If officially implemented and widely adopted globally, e-Roads have the potential to reduce costs for people and significantly decrease harmful gas emissions.

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