ORA Good Cat Convoy Completes 4,000 Kilometre Thailand to Singapore Road Trip

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ORA has recently concluded the GWM EV Convoy Tour, which saw participants driving the Good Cat cars 4,000 kilometres across three countries over eight days.

These 100% fully electric vehicles first set off on the 1st of August from Thailand, crossing major cities such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, on their way to the finish line, located at the all-new Cycle and Carriage Alexandra showroom.

This journey aims to showcase an EV’s capabilities for long-distance driving, as well as allowing the cars to prove their worth on the road, as they cross 15 cities on their travels. With 500 kilometres of range, participants did not suffer from any significant range anxiety along the way. And the EV charging infrastructure along the way definitely played a big role in making this possible!

Innovative design, electrifying performance and reliable endurance means that the ORA Good Cat is well suited for long-distance travel. Stay tuned for our in-depth review, which will be coming up very soon!

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