Crosswalk Laws Everyone Should Know!

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Crosswalk laws are regulations that both drivers and pedestrians must adhere to for road safety and accident prevention. 

Pedestrians crossing the crosswalk are struck by cars that do not slow down or stop when they encounter crosswalks. 

What is a Crosswalk?

Crosswalk is an internationally recognised traffic signal used to designate a specific point where all vehicles must stop to allow pedestrians to cross. It helps pedestrians have a clear and designated crossing point. This signal consists of alternating parallel lines painted on the road surface. 

Crosswalk Regulations for Drivers

  • When encountering a crosswalk, drivers must slow down and prepare to stop for pedestrians.
  • It is prohibited to park on the crosswalk lines, and vehicles must be parked at least 3 metres away from the crosswalk. Violations can result in a fine of up to 1,000 baht.
  • If a vehicle collides with a pedestrian on the crosswalk and causes injury or death, additional penalties will apply. 

(Photo Credit: Freepik)

Crosswalk regulations for pedestrians

  • If not using the crosswalk or pedestrian bridge within a distance of 100 meters from the crossing point, the penalty is a fine not exceeding 200 baht. In case of being hit by a vehicle due to this offense, the pedestrian is considered the at-fault party.

Furthermore, it is also specified as a legal provision under the Land Traffic Act, B.E. 2522 (1979) as follows:

  • Section 22 - The driver must obey traffic signals or traffic signs displayed ahead.
    • (4) A green arrow traffic signal indicates to turn or proceed straight ahead, or a red traffic signal is displayed along with a green arrow signal indicating to turn or proceed straight ahead, the driver may turn the vehicle or drive straight ahead in the direction indicated by the arrow, and must drive with caution, "and must yield to pedestrians crossing or vehicles coming from the right side first."
  • Section 46- The driver is prohibited from overtaking to pass another vehicle in the following circumstances:
    • (2) "Within a distance of thirty metres before reaching a crossroad, intersection, roundabout, or refuge island provided, or a road for vehicles crossing railway tracks."
  • Section 57- The driver is prohibited from parking the vehicle:
    • (4) On a pedestrian crossing or within a distance of three metres from a pedestrian crossing.
  • Section 70 - A driver approaching a junction, a pedestrian crossing, or a roundabout must reduce the speed of the vehicle.
  • Section 104 - Within a distance not exceeding one hundred meters from a pedestrian crossing, pedestrians are prohibited from crossing outside the designated pedestrian crossing.
  • Section 105 - Pedestrians intending to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights controlled for pedestrians shall comply with the traffic lights displayed in front of them as follows:
  1. When a red traffic light is displayed, whether accompanied by an image or text indicating prohibition or not, pedestrians must stop and wait on the sidewalk, pedestrian island, or safety zone, unless there is no pedestrian path provided alongside or at the edge of the road.
  2. When a green traffic light is displayed, whether accompanied by an image or text indicating permission or not, pedestrians are allowed to cross the road.
  3. When a green traffic light is flashing on any side of the road, pedestrians who have not yet crossed should stop at the pedestrian walkway, median strip, or safety zone. However, if they are already crossing, they should continue to cross promptly.

Regardless of whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, both parties must exercise caution and adhere strictly to traffic laws to reduce accidents on the road.

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